latest easy rangoli designs for Diwali

Diwali rangoli designs through unique ideas

Some of the most novel ideas for creating rangoli designs were and are being thought of by me to help those who want to make rangolis for Laxmi Puja and Diwali but are still learning the rangoli art making.

Necessity is the mother of invention - though I am comfortable with various types of traditional kolam making , I was and am being flooded with requests for some easy rangoli making ideas either for beginners or for kids. 

 Consequently , the number of innovative rangoli ideas I " invented " has increased manifold.  Here are some of them in this blog post too.

This is some  what like a traditional carpet rangoli or poster rangoli created with these simple  tools instead of making it the traditional way.

Some how I like the violet yellow combination and you would have observed  that I use it in many posts. 

What are your favourite colour combination, please write back through the comment section





The first set of images above show how we can draw a flower rangoli design using a lemon squeezer.  Please remember to wash it carefully like any other accessory we use in the kitchen because we do not know what these commercially available rangoli colours are made from.  

The steps are as follows

  • Take a circular plate and draw the periphery with white colours
  • Fill white background with white rangoli with sprinkler or with fingers
  • Place the lemon squeezer at different places to get floral patterns
  • Connect them with stems made from cotton bud and green colours
  • Decorate the circumference with bullets and more colours
  • Place diyas at many places -  Deepavali is about diyas among other festivities.
Use cotton bud or ear bud to create simple mutli colour rangoli designs


Form the circle with rangoli powder using a circular object.  Remove it carefully.  Then first place bullets inside as shown in the images above.  Form designs inside the circle with ear bud or cotton buds.  

Then form bullets outside the circle to form swastik ( for Laxmi Pujan ) and flower designs. Use different colours to get a beautiful mutli colour rangoli created with a very simple method


Rangoli with strainer - easy and colorful 





This is another easy method to create designs and patterns for Diwali.  Place a strainer on the floor.  Fill same colour or different colours in each circle.  If we fill different colours in each circle we get the pattern as shown when the strainer is removed.  Then using an ear bud form flower designs for all the bullets.  We can add bullets outside also - I have added green in this rangoli.  Decorate them further with cotton bud and yellow lines.  Place diyas all around to get an awesome ambiance.

If you are looking for without chukki rangoli designs ,  fast speed rangoli or easy rangoli Krishna Jayanthi or other festivals one of these creative rangoli ideas may be useful.

Small circular rangoli with CD and ice cream stick

The next rangoli is a basic circular design drawn using a CD, then a colour of our choice is sprayed.
Using an ice cream stick with one end at the centre the stick is moved around the circle to get a grainy finish.  Use a cotton bud to draw floral petals inside.  Further decoration along the circumference is with patterns that are used in Sanskar Bharti designs and bullets.  The images should take us through the steps.




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