Easy rangoli designs for Diwali videos

Since this post is about rangoli video for Diwali decoration, first a rangoli from my  video from my YouTube Channel Rangolisansdots ( which is primarily about rangoli or kolam ) .  Of course there is an occasional recipe, festival related information and crafts.
दिवाली रंगोली वीडियो 
    Place the old CDs around the central CD such that the edges of any one CD touches the compact discs on either side and also the compact disk at the centre.  It is possible because all the disks are of the same diameter.  The arrangement of the cds is shown the image below.  
These disks have been painted by me with acrylic paint and patterns are drawn with 3D glitter for use in making rangoli using this technique.  I found that the disks reflect a lot of light interfering with video making and taking photos , so I thought of preparing some disks for the purpose of creating rangoli.  
After arranging the CDs it should be possible to mark the centres with colour rangoli as shown in the photo below.  
The gaps created among any three disks is filled with blue color to get a triangle like formation ( it is formed with curved lines and hence triangle-like ).
Place bullets with green colour outside the outer CDs so that a pair of opposite dots or bullets and the orange dots at the centre are all in a straight line.  This will ensure that there is near perfect symmetry when the rangoli develops.  This has to be done visually only.
This is the most tricky part in an other wise easy rangoli.  Gently remove the disks without disturbing the rangoli patterns.  Remove them one by one and stack them nearby.
This is the pattern that has been created so far.  Now around the orange bullets are dots place bangles so that the dot is at the centre of the circle formed by the bangles.  Fill the space with pink colour.
After filling remove all the bangles and then using a cotton bud draw straight lines radially from the centre , sixteen such lines are drawn.
The lines are further extended at an angle to give a beautiful effect to get a flower design as shown.
This is probably on of the best rangoli designs that can be created with cotton buds.  It is quick , simple but gives a beautiful effect due to the technique used.
Similarly the central dot also has a bangle and filled with yellow rangoli as shown in the pic below.
The green bullets are converted into five short lines one straight and the four inclined on either side of the straight line.  This may be thought of to represent the calyx of the flower.  Earlier, the blue traingles  are decorated with white dots.
This simple rangoli for Diwali festival is ready .  Show to your friends and relatives and earn their praise .  Awesome idea is it not.
Many questions have been asked by viewers on my YouTube Channel called Rangolisansdots as to how I create so many rangoli designs.  Actually, there are some dot rangoli designs that are quite common and are there for decades or probably centuries.  Other dot rangoli designs and free hand designs I create in a note book.  There are many designs that I have created and only a few come in the form of photos or videos.  The others are waiting there , occasionally one of them sees the light of the day !  However I still keep creating more designs though I already have many designs waiting in the notebooks.  I also try to find a simple or simplest way for drawing dot rangoli so that the steps are easy and in the process the designs get changed also.  So I changed the design or retain both the original design and the metamorphosed design and one of them is shared on the blog and YouTube channel , while the other waits for its turn.  This way it is possible for me to create and share a rangoli video daily on my YouTube channel but I restrict the number of videos so that viewers are not bored with too many videos.  Also we have to give them time to learn the designs and practice.
One more idea of making rangoli designs for Diwali using CDs , bangles and cotton buds is explained through pictures and video .  Though I am from the traditional school of rangoli making also called kolam in Tamil Nadu .  There have been numerous requests from my viewers on YouTube for some simple techniques in rangoli making because they wanted to learn rangoli through some  easy methods.  So I tried this idea using combinations of CDs and bangles and developed the rangoli to get some innovative ideas in rangoli making .  I am sharing these here and  elsewhere also in Rangolisansdots.  
Gently remove the old CDs
Arrange a pair of bangles , small and big so that they are concentric
 Fill the annular space with rangoli colours and  remove the bangles gently
Using cotton buds form orange flower designs and patterns in yellow
This is a mini stencil for getting various patterns .  I purchased this small stencil in Tiruchanur the abode of Goddess Padmavathi consort of Lord Venkateswara of Tirumala. Without chukkalu muggulu ideas for Deepavali 
Fill it with colours and spread evenly with the fingers to get a good impression
Without chukki quick and colourful rangoli designs for Diwali is ready
The next rangoli is an eight by eight dot design that is actually a Maharastrian rangoli with dots , a beautiful and simple method of creating colourful patterns some of these I learn from my sister in Mumbai.  Watching the video given 👉 square dot rangoli video  should help learn the steps in making this rangoli.  Usually drawn for Diwali we can also draw for other festivals 
Use these tips and tricks to make fast rangoli designs for Dhanteras rangoli too 

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