Tipke wali rangoli design for Diwali

Tipke wali rangoli with 7 dots step by step
This is a somewhat complicated rangoli design though the dot pattern is only 7 dots.  It is not exactly a 7 dot design the actual dot grid is 7 dots at the centre then 6,7,4,1 on either side. 
 The images show the steps for the rangoli .  I have added many pics so that it is easy to understand.  This is a very apt rangoli to fill colours. 
 We can use different or same colours in alternate patterns to get a beautiful rangoli for Diwali decor of our homes.
chukki rangoli 7 to 4 

Tipke wali rangoli with 9 dots step by step
This is a traditional rangoli design using shankh patterns that is drawn regularly for festivals like New Year and Sankranthi.  I wanted to offer something different for Diwali instead of the patterns with lines connected by dots, so this rangoli.
The beauty of the rangoli depends of the way we connect the curved lines of the conch designs through the dots so that we get a near perfect pattern .  The dot grid used is 9 by 5. 
After placing the 9 by 5 dot grid draw a pattern at the centre as shown, this can depend upon our imagination and the pattern we are comfortable with .  The remaining dots are suitable to draw six conch or shank designs.  Connect the dots to get the patterns , this should be done without being too conscious of the fact that we are connecting curved lines through the dots so that we can achieve perfection as humanly possible.  It is preferable to draw all the conch designs from one side to make it a good mental exercise ( visualising and drawing all the patterns sitting or standing on one side ) .  If it is not possible we can draw them moving around also.  Add colours to complete the rangoli
                                            Steps for this shanku chukki rangoli 
conch rangoli with dots - white kolam
9-dot-tipke-wali-rangoli-1i .png
Usually this is the centre design for a bigger rangoli for Sankranti or Pongal !  I have restricted it at this step due to shortage of space for me and also because I am of the opinion the beauty and attraction in a rangoli does not depend only on the size of the design.
11 tipke wali rangoli step by step
This rangoli uses a 11 by 1 points.  A simple lotus rangoli made more beautiful by adding colours.
chukki rangoli with 11 dots for Dipavali

Dipavali and Sankranti are the two most important festivals when we have medium and big rangoli designs using bindu.
8 by 8 dots knotted or twisted rangoli
These type of rangoli designs are different because the lines are drawn outside the dot pattern instead of connecting the dots.  What I have shown is a very simple rangoli ,  they can be quite complicated.  Not necessary that they have to be big to be complicated.  Even small designs have so many twists and turns that we can get lost in the labyrinth of the pattern to be drawn !

step by step melikala muggulu also for Sankranthi 
11 tipke chi rangoli ( टिपके वाली रंगोली  )
This is a common design drawn for  Sankranthi in Southern India.  It has some basic flower shapes and the dot pattern is 11 to 6 
The beauty of these type of designs lies in connecting the dots gracefully using curved lines .  For these our wrists should be relaxed and supple. 

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