Innovative peacock rangoli step by step

Simple peacock rangoli for Diwali | Easy Sankranti peacock muggulu 

Place a white dot for reference.  Draw thick white lines using the shades of green and blue we usually associate with the plumage of the bird.  This is shown in the image below.


Using the finger form designs as shown in the next image.


Repeat this patterns expanding the plumage part as shown the next photo.  Both the colours mix and blend giving a beautiful effect.


Place orange dots to complete the eye pattern.


Using a cotton bud , form the loose and close knit barbs.


The neck and other portions are formed free hand.


Fill with blue and green colours.


Further decoration is as per our imagination as shown in the next pic.


Fill the gaps in the feathers with blue and green ,  sprinkle them gently.  It is preferable to use the fingers and not the sprinklers so that specific areas can be filled.


A small and easy yet proud and majestic peacock is ready .  May be even kids can try it, an easy peacock rangoli for competition in schools and drawn free hand too.


One of the most fascinating creations of nature for colour, pride and grace is the peacock .  No wonder it is the national bird of India.  We all have a fascination to draw the peacock kolam for our festivals.  Peacock is considered to be the vahana of Lord Subramanya ( Karthigeya ) so there is a divine connection also.  So  I have added many different types of designs in Rangolisansdots using the peacock ,  this is one of the easiest methods.


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