Tippudu muggulu with 9 dots images video

Sankranthi Tippudu muggulu | New Year muggu

The dot pattern is 9 dots three rows.  Then 8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 dots on the top and  bottom.

The trick is simple draw the first pair of parallel lines above and below the row of 9 dots and connect them with curved lines.  Repeat this process in pairs of lines above and below the first pair of lines .  This part is easy but connecting them with curved lines moving our hand around the dots perfectly needs lots of concentration.  It is worth the effort because of the beauty of design.









Twists and turns represent a kolam called tippudu muggulu ,  this is how my sisters call it.  After all they were educated in Vijayanagaram near Vishakkapattinam in the erstwhile Andhra Pradesh state.

A beautiful design ,  I have shared elsewhere with 7 dots.  This is with 9 dots with a number of images to give step by step approach because this design can be intimidating to some.  So lots of images here to make it as clear as possible.  Actually we should start with lines above the top and bottom rows with 9 dots ( there are three such rows ) and start connecting both the ends with curved lines.  As we connect more and more parallel lines with curved lines moving gracefully around the dots there is a possibility that we may lose track and so we have to very careful.  If we lose sight of where we were or are we will have to do it all over again.  However it is worth the challenge.  Such designs can be tried for important festivals like New Year or Pongal ( or Sankranthi )


If you still have doubts this video should be of help 


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