Purattasi month kolam for Saturday

Purattasi Saturday kolam | Purattasi masam Pooja kolam
The first kolam  is not a classical padi kolam .  It is created with squares of increasing size and then decorations with lotus make the rangoli very attractive.    Purattasi is Bhadrapada masa in Kannada and Telugu.
Rangoli for Bhadrapada month
The next is a classical lines rangoli ,  may appear a bit confusing but the images with the intermediate step should help clarify the doubts
Padi kolam with shankhu and lotus designs 
representing Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi
Shanivaram rangoli kolam
The first two are classical lines rangoli designs.  Purattasi Saturday is for Lord Venkateshwara and so we have  a kaavi border all round.  This kolam uses the Krishnan Dindu pattern for the centre.  Then add more patterns with lines on four sides and in the gap added spirals and lotuses.  Refer the pic for a better idea.
The next kolam I liked it very much.  It is a variation of another kolam I  remember drawing else where but this is more compact and precise too,  I feel.  The spirals evolving from the four curved lines on four sides is quite unique I feel.
This kolam we can draw for Purattasi Saturday ( Tirumala Shanivaralu in Telugu as my sisters-in-law say ) .  It is quite small and simple but the catch is the very thin lines that are drawn here.  I can assure you that it comes with a lot of practice.  The lines appear thicker because of the close up but they are actually very thin ( called ezhai kolam in Tamil - ezhai - is a one single strand of a thread - a bit of exaggeration is it not !)
Of course with some kaavi designs to show it is for a festive occasion.
A traditional and basic lines rangoli - my mother used say - geethala muggulu .  The thing is we are all very busy in the morning whether homemakers are working  women , we always have something on the mind even when  we  draw kolam i.e the cooker may be on the stove early in  the morning , because we would have commenced cooking.  We have to make everything ready before our family members  leave for office or  school or college.  So most of the  time we need small kolam  to ensure that we balance our tradition and our daily routine and responsibilities
This padi kolam I drew for Navratri during Purattasi masam .  So if you are looking for a bigger lines rangoli ,  this video may be useful.            
Now coming to the video, draw the basic square design with 4 lines ( just a recap traditional lines rangoli use 2,4, or 6 lines i.e only even number of lines ) .  Then draw the set of curved lines on all four sides.  Connect them in between as shown in the video.  Finally the gaps are filled with motifs are free hand patterns.  We should remember to have  some designs  at the centre.  The centre  is not left blank. I usually have pairs of diagonal lines and some dots in the gaps.  We can have flowers like lotus. or Feet of Goddess Lakshmi.  How do we differentiate the Feet of Lord Krishna whose Feet we usually draw for Janmashtami and Lakshmi Feet we draw for Laxmi Puja after Diwali.  What I do is I add toe rings to Her Feet ( called metti in Tamil ) to show that they are Her Padham.
This is one more padi kolam from my collection of this variety,  I have added here. If you are wondering how come there are more than 4 rangolis when we usually have only 4 Saturdays in the month.  Many designs I take photos and store them in various folders under different headings. These are some ( not all !) from Purattasi images folder.  There was some delay in taking this picture and some one either the milk man or the person who delivers the news paper has proved that rangoli is ephimeral 
Have a look at this video  👉 Shanku Chakra Namam   for beautiful and auspicious kolam - a representation of Perumal in kolam with Namam , Shankh Chakra .  Goddess 
Lakshmi is represented by Her Feet.
This kolam uses the symbol "OM" in Tamil and hence should be drawn in the Puja room only .
A new type of pattern with curved lines merging at the top ,  I have tried in this kolam.

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