Lakshmi Aarti song in Telugu Navratri Varalakshmi

Aarti songs are important in the celebration of festivals and on Fridays.  After completion of Puja we offer Aarti to God or Goddess and it is customary to sing a song in praise of the God or Goddess for who we are performing the Puja.

Varalakshmi Pooja songs in Telugu - aarti
Mangala aarti song | Telugu Harathi song

Jayamangala Nithya Subhamangala         ( Jaya is victory, mangala is auspicious, nithya is always )

Muthyala Aarti Pagadala Aarti                  ( We perform aarti with pearls, corals )

Manika Aarti                                             ( We perform aarti with rubies )

Mikutambuga meeku                                 ( You are very fond of these aarti )

Ananda kalamalu arisalu palalu                  ( On this joyous occasion we offer sweets )

Deepalu dhoopalu Nivendhichiri                ( Lamps, dhoop are offered )

Deepalu dhoopalu Nivendhikoni                 ( You take all these offferings )

Vishrantha mayane Lakshmi Devi               ( and you relax or take rest Lakshmi )

Since aarti is performed to complete the Puja the words you relax or take rest are used after the description on aarti and offerings.

The video 👉  here shows how the song is sung .  ( Please note that I am not a qualifed  singer , we learn from our elders / mother .  so it is a humble attempt to popularise this aarti song.   ).
The order I follow is 
After dhoop aarti,  then offerings or neivedyam is done , then aarti is offered with this song and  puja is completed by offering camphor 

If neivdyam offered is a fruit , usually it is kept on betel leaves and areca nuts.    Please note different families follow different customs and traditions for performing Puja and celebrating festivals.  I have given a brief outline of the Puja procedure done in our family.  Actually there is a  difference in some procedures followed in my mother's house and my mother-in-law's house. 

Jayamangala nithya subhamangala ! ( Victory , fortune , always good fortune )

We can further continue this song with the following lyrics

Mangalam mangalam Madurai Meenakshiki
Kanchi Kamakshi, Vishalakshiki
Mookamba Gnanamba Akilamba Durgamba
Bramarambha maa thalli Jagadambakku ( My mother of the Universe )

This can be roughly translated into, 

Singing the names of all Goddesses of the temples in Madurai, Kancheepuram, Kashi and then referring to the Goddess as the Mother of the World or Universe.

Same aarti is performed for Goddess Jeevthi Puja and then performed to the children of the house , adding their names in the aarti praying that they get the best of everything in life.  It is an excellent tradition performed during Sravan Fridays for the welfare of the children.   

The aarti (aarthi ) song in Telugu, a small and simple song has been sung in our family for decades, I understand that my mother-in-law learnt it from her elder relatives when she lived in a place called Ontimitta near Cudappah. My mother used to sing a different aarti in Telugu ( she lived in Vizianagaram near Vishakappattinam  ) varavakode thaye - translates into mother please grant me a boon.
The song is sung on Fridays, daily during Navratri and for Varalakshmi Puja.  
How to prepare aarti
Take a clean and small plate, add some kumkum and water and shake the plate slightly so that  the kumkum mixes with water.  Then take a twin lamp for aarti and apply sandalwood paste , turmeric powder and kumkum on four sides.  Plate cotton wicks and add ghee as shown in the third image.   Ghee is preferable , or if it is not available oil. Light the lamps,  sing the aarti song and perform aarti. After performing aarti,  I do not keep the plate on the floor because as per our tradition we keep it on a stand. 
This aarti song is a sort of family song in our mother-in-law's maternal side. I have seen all ladies singing together after Varamahalakshmi Vratha festival. This reminds me of poet Bharatiyar's song in which he said , there are many beautiful traditions and customs take the best among them and follow them .

Bhagyadha Lakshmi Baramma in Kannada
Mahakavi Bharathiar once said " go to all eight directions and bring the best from there to our land "

There are beautiful traditions , songs followed in various places in India.  The Telugu aarthi above, my mother-in-law learnt when she lived as a young girl in Ontimitta near Cudappah and I learnt from her .  Sage Purandaradasa's song on Lakshmi Bhagyada Lakshmi Baramma is another beautiful song  that we sing during Navratri and Varlakshmi Vratham or Habba .  Of course there are lots of Tamil songs also in our Puja celebrations since we were born and brought up in Tamil Nadu.

The rough translation of the lyrics based on my understanding of Kannada and English |
May not be perfect 

Your anklets make jingling sound
Taking one step at a time ( Lakshmi )
During the puja performed by the pious and saintly
Like butter from butter milk
Come, Giver of happiness , Lakshmi please come
Our Mother , Giver of Supreme Happiness , please come 

Bring rains of gold 
Fulfill the desires in all homes
You are as bright as ten million suns
Daughter of King Janaka , quickly
Come Goddess Lakshmi, Giver of happiness

Give us infinite blessings 
With bangles rolling on Your Hand
You wear kumkum ( on the Forehead )
You are Lotus eyed
Queen of Lord Venkateswara  ( some say Proud Queen of Lord Venkataramana )

Stay permanently in Your devotees homes
Always giving auspicious occasions , fortune
Saints and pious who show the Truth
You reside in their thoughts, Golden Doll

Let sugar and ghee flow ( in our homes )
When Friday Puja is performed
He lives on the other side, Lord Ranganatha
Pure Purandara Vittal You are His Queen

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