Varalakshmi Vratham first time Nombu

  Update: Vararalakshmi Vratham 2018 date is 24th August (Friday )
  • It is preferable to celebrate the festival on that day when it meant to be celebrated as per Panchangam
  • However if for any reason we are not able to celebrate on that day we can celebrate on any Friday of Aavani month
  • If we miss the Aavani ( Sravan ) month we can celebrate on a Friday during Navratri
  • On Thursday before the Pooja day , the Pooja room is cleaned well and all the photos of Gods in the Pooja room are cleaned with a wet cloth 
  • Apply sandalwood paste in the form of a tilak to the photos.  Then apply turmeric powder and kumkum on the sandalwood paste .  This is done usually for the forehead and feet of the photos of God
  • The items required for Pooja or betel nut leaves, areca nut ( pakku ) , coconut , five types of flowers and five types of fruits
  • Of the flowers lotus and Thazampoo ( screw pine ) are important for this festival
Mandapam decoration
The images below should give us an idea of traditional method of decorating the mandapam
  • Depending upon the space available we can use a mandapam or teapoy on which we can place the Goddess.
  • For Pooja we can use either a kalasam or Goddess Lakshmi idol made at home
  • The mandapam is cleaned well .  Hridayakamalam or Aishwarya kolam is drawn at the centre
  • Kaavi is applied around the kolam .  A nuni ilai ( plantain leaf ) is placed on the mandap such that the edge of the leaf is on the right of the Goddess.  Then fill the leaf with uncooked rice.
  • Tie mango leaf thoranam, vazhai kannu  and any other artificial decoration to the mandapam 
  • If we do not get mango leaves and plantain plants we can use artificial or brass replicas
  • Kolam is drawn around the mandapam also
  • The mandapam is decorated with kaavi and white lime stone to get red and white lines as we have in South Indian temples
Welcoming the Goddess
   I use a kalasam with the Face of the Goddess etched on it.  We can use a plain kalasam made from silver or brass. She is seated at the entrance of our house facing east or west.  We take aarti and bring Her inside with songs on Lakshmi . Near the entrance a vessel filled with rice with jaggery on the top is placed .  This is gently pushed with the kalasam or idol ( similar to the tradition of welcoming the daughter in law ).Lakshmi padham are drawn from the entrance of our house to the mandapam

The kalasam is prepared with mango leaves , thazampoo petals, dry fruits, gold , silver. 

Naivedyam includes rava idli or idli  , payasam , ambode and puran poli. and five types of fruits
Some naivedyam including step by step procedure with images are available in
Varalakshmi Nombu naivedyam

Performing the Puja

Puja is performed by first offering Puja to Lord Ganesha made with turmeric and placed before the kalasam or idol on a betel  leaf
Then Yamuna kalasam Pooja is performed .  Yamuna kalasam is prepared by using a small kalasam or vessel to which we apply lime stone, turmeric , kumkum.  Two betel leaves and and a fruit a placed in the kalasam filled with water.  Then archana is performed
Main Pooja
  • For this we can follow archana given in any book or CD.
  • After the Pooja we have aarti , naivedyam and  lighting the camphor
  • Then we tie the dharam ( thread made with nine knots with a flower tied to one of the knots ) to our right hand.
  • We can invite any number of ladies and offer thamboolam ( with betel nuts , areca nut, fruit, coconut , blouse bit,bangles  and any other gift ( optional )
  • With this the Varalakshmi Nombu is over.
  • We need not fast the previous day or the day of the Pooja
  • We perform aarthi to Goddess Lakshmi after performing the Puja
Punar Pooja or the next day Pooja
  • Light the lamps, perform archana , offer naivedyam , offer aarthi ,and mangala aarti ( lighting camphor ) 
  • We should pray that Goddess Lakshmi should come to our home every year for this festival.
  • The coconut used in the kalasam is used for making sweet burfi or coconut payasam and is not used in regular cooking.

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