New Year rangoli designs Sangu kolam

Rangolisansdots is a huge collection of rangoli with dots and without dots.  Some feel that the name of the blog is misleading.  

Sans means without, so rangoli-sans-dots means rangoli without dots. 

There have been questions in the form of comments , that while the name suggests that it is a collection of kolam without dots , there are kolam with dots also. 

 Actually I draw a lot of free hand kolam and so I named it rangoli-sans-dots.  I have the URL address and the YouTube Channel also as Rangolisansdots.  

There were and still there are many requests for kolam with dots so I have added a lot of dots kolam designs also.  Now I think there are equal number in either category. 

However the URL address etc. cannot be changed and the name is also unique so I  have retained it.
17 to 9 dots sangu kolam | conch rangoli designs for New Year | Pongal or Sankranti

This is a common kolam using the star and sangu designs to create a big and beautiful kolam for New Year or Makara Sankranti also called Pongal in Tamil Nadu.  
There are a number of images which should give the step by step procedure.
How to draw sangu pattern
Sangu kolam rangoli after completion

15 to 8 dots kolam for New Year and Pongal
In this series of shankh or conch rangoli designs also called sangu kolam in Tamil , the next one is a beautiful design with connecting curved lines resulting in a beautiful design.  Please try for New Year or at least for Pongal kolam or Sankranti muggulu

Most images are white kolam designs 
For Saturday sangu rangoli kolam with poo patterns

15 to 8 dots sangu kolam for New Year 2016-2017
This is another common kolam variation.  The cenral patterns that are usually developed into mango leaf or maavilai patterns ( I have drawn a similar rangoli with 9 dots elsewhere in Rangolisansdots ).  I have not made maavilai patterns but rounded off the edges .  The remaining dots are 4,3,2,1 that can be converted into any pattern or motif of our choice.  Usually they are made into matching patterns with lines or flowers ,  I have converted the dot grids into shankh or sangu designs because that is the theme of these post .  

All kolam are sangu kolam for New Year .  There are a number of images showing the steps to draw this kolam.  Once we mark the centre, draw the intersecting lines and extend from there , the remaining dots are easy to connect.  Though it is with 15 dots it is a very easy rangoli design for New Year or Pongal 

Sangu pulli kolam with dots through images 

Pongal rangoli kolam designs | Sankranti muggulu designs with dots | Shankh lotus patterns
This is a special non standard grid used to create this kolam.  The shankh and lotus designs ( sangu and  thamarai kolam ) appearing as if the shankh design blooms from the kolam.   A must if you are looking for a special and different rangoli design to show off this festival season from New Year to Pongal .




There are a number of shankh rangoli or sangu kolam designs in Rangolisansdots in various posts.  For ease of viewing I would like to bring some of them here (   I have to create this post all over again with the information I have stored in my computer / external hard disk )

This is a 7 by 4 dots sangu kolam or shankh rangoli with dots wherein we draw only 3 sangu designs using the dot grid .  The sangu patterns appear as if they are touching one another they have some common portions of some sides .  Anyways a beautiful rangoli design.  If you are looking for a small but challenging rangoli for New Year or Pongal this should fit the bill.

 This is because shankh rangoli can be challenging particularly you are somewhat new to this art and if you want to make it more challenging try drawing the sangu designs from one side without moving around the dot grid ! It is challenging and fun also to know how far we are able to visualise how patterns will look in various directions.  Alternatively if you have little  time move around and draw the patterns from the direction you are comfortable with.




After an easy kolam , the next is a not so easy kolam design but suitable  for New Year decoration of our home , after all special occasions call for special kolam for decoration.  A kolam suitable for filling colours , bright and beautiful.

This 13 to 7 dot kolam is tricky so far as the creation of the central design is concerned .  After that drawing the shankh part is child's play unless we prefer to draw all the sangu designs from one place.

Watch the pictures showing the central star pattern being drawn so that we can get an idea as to how it is drawn.  Precisely for this reason I have added a number of pictures showing this step of the kolam.  The steps involved in drawing the kolam cannot be explained through words .  It is best followed by observing the pictures or by viewing the video .

Sangu kolam with dots step by step 



After a difficult kolam , bigger the kolam the more difficult it is some times.  The next is 9 to 6  kolam with sangu patterns .  This can be drawn as a part of a big kolam, I have shown it here  for those who may be looking for small and  medium sized kolam also.  In this two sangu patterns have a common  apex  and they touch at the axis ( bottom ) .  A simple and different kolam.

 This type of kolam demands that the dot grid be placed vertically.  Start from the centre as shown in the images for demonstration, continue to create the conch patterns on one side and then on the other side.  If we want a different 9 dots kolam for New Year Special  rangoli this may be suitable.   It may look easy at first sight but your friends and relatives will definitely be surprised and may even envy you for drawing a challenging design.



Next is the popular star dot pattern used for creating a shankh rangoli design with dots. This is also a beautiful design.  The star dot pattern can be created as big as we want or have space .  I have chosen 10,9,8,7,8,9,10 dots and then placed 3, 2, 1 dots on the top and bottom to get the star dot pattern.  After placing the dot grid ,draw the apex of six conch patterns we will get with a star dot grid.

Then draw three lines to form the conch upto the axis or bottom.  The lines should be slightly curved to a beautiful pattern.  Continue with other conch or shankh designs to complete the rangoli.  It is for New Year decoration ideas so fill with bright colours and write the words " Happy New Year " and the year beside that.  Hope this collection of sangu kolam with steps is useful to you for learning , decorating and making rangoli for New Year or Pongal.



Shankh or conch rangoli patterns are considered auspicious , so we can draw them for festivals like Varalakshmi Vratham , Navratri and Krishna Jayanthi or Rama Navami.  The next rangoli is a combination of dot grid and free hand rangoli.  It can be drawn completely free hand , however to make it somewhat easy I have drawn part of it with 7 to 4 dot grid and the remaining part of the sangu designs free hand.  As usual a gallery of pictures to explain the steps. Try for the festival season that begins in the month of Sravan ( Aavani in Tamil )  viz.  Sravan Sukruvar ( Fridays ) , Varalakshmi Vratham and then for Gokulashtami and Navratri.

Sangu pulli kolam with dots 
These images answer sangu kolam poduvadhu eppadi 

4 sangu kolam | shanku muggulu
The dot pattern is 8 to 1,  if we use good quality colour rangoli powder then we can draw directly using colours as shown.  The side view of the kolam is shown here

If we have the best rangoli powder , we can draw directly with colours this sangu colour kolam

Kolam Trivia : One of the challenges in drawing kolam and in particular sangu kolam ( shankh rangoli designs ) is drawing the sangu patterns standing on one side of the kolam.  It is a very good mental exercise because we have to try to visualise the sangu pattern in various directions.  All the sangu kolam , for that matter all kolam drawn by me are drawn standing ( sitting in the case of demonstration videos posted on my YouTube Channel Rangolisandots ) on one side of the kolam.  This is due the training we received from our mother who discouraged us , rather did not allow us to move around the kolam when drawing or making it .  With practice this should not be difficult for small designs upto 15 to 18 dots, it may be difficult for bigger designs above 19 dots.  In fact she did not allow us to sit while drawing the kolam, so it was almost like yogasana practice for us !

I draw kolam for demonstration videos because it is the most comfortable ways of making videos of kolam and the camera can be easily be focused on the kolam and the fingers so that viewers will find it easy to learn  them.  In fact due this reason , when I got an email from YouTube asking for my mobile number which I sent to them ,  I was requested to appear before the camera because only my fingers or at the most the hand upto the wrist was visible in most of the videos.  This is one of the reasons for my making festival  vlogs where I appear before the camera , apart from the fact that there were a number of requests from viewers and subscribers.
Conch rangoli or sangu rangoli designs are auspicious and can  be drawn for festivals like Navratri, Varalakshmi Vratham , Purattasi Saturday for Lord Vishnu .  If you are looking for shanku chukki rangoli or chukki rangoli designs 15 to 8 some of the ideas may be useful

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