Indian rose garland making thru pictures

How to make a traditional  Indian flower garland 
Many of us would have observed and noticed flower garlands being made at the entrance of our local temples.  I would like to share the method of making this beautiful floral decoration idea for Varamahalakshmi Pooja .  This garland we can use for decorating the Puja mantap or as a decoration for the Varalakshmi kalasam decorations.
The method is as follows
  • Buy a large quantity of roses depending upon the length of garland  required
  • I have shared only the basics of the method and so the garland is relatively short
  • Take two or three thick  banana stem fibres ( called naaru in Tamil ).  They serve as the support for the garland
  • Take a thin fibre and tie a knot at the top as shown.
  • Place one rose on the thick fibres and hold the flower by taking the thin fibre around the stalk
  • Turn the thick fibre combination by ninety degrees  and  place the next rose and take the fibre around the rose
  • Again turn the thick fibres by 90 degrees and place the third rose.  Similarly turn the fibres again and place the fourth rose
  • After placing the four roses one layer of the garland is formed
  • Continue this to get more layers.  The more the layers  , more the length of the garland
  • After completing all layers required using the thin fibre tie a knot on the thick fibers at the bottom.  This will hold the roses together.
  • We can add sampangi or samandhi ( marigold ) in between  to beautify the garland further
  • Form two such portions and tie them together at the bottom to get the garland
  • We can add a flower decoration at the bottom of the garland also
  • This is the procedure for rose garland making. 
  •  Similarly we can make garlands with, sampangi , marigold , chrysanthemum or other flowers.
  • Where banana stem fibre is not available we can make the garland with artificial wool three or four strands
Rose garland making images - DIY for Varalakshmi Pooja alankaram

Roja poo malai kattuavdhu eppadi - relate pictures with notes above

Rose malai kattuavdhu eppadi - I have explained above

Gulab garland ideas - traditional one 
Making such traditional garlands is an important part of hobbies and  crafts done in our country for quite a long time.

Traditional rose haar
Common rose dandalu thru pictures 


One of the most common  and beautiful  decorations we can have for Gods and Goddesses is the traditional rose garland that is made with banana stem fibre.  All traditional  Indian garlands have their own  beauty but the rose garland  is quite unique.  The light pink variety called the paneer rose in Tamil Nadu is known for its beauty and fragrance. I invariably use this variety of rose only for Puja and for making garlands.  The local flower vendor from  whom I buy has different types of  roses red, yellow , dark pink  etc. but the insects hover and buzz above the paneer rose only.  

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