How to make waste cd wall hanging

A simple and easy project that can be tried by adults and kids alike.  However for kids it is advisable to do it under adult supervision , particularly while  handling the clay and when using a pair of scissors.  Scissors with edges rounded are available and they may be used by children.

Projects based on waste or old CDs are in great demand for school projects and as holiday home work for summer holidays.  This idea may be useful if one is searching for something like this.

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The pictures below show how we can make the best use of old and waste CDs to get a beautiful decor for our walls.

The first picture shows a wall hanging made from old waste cds using ready made flowers.

The second picture shows how it can be used as an organiser on wall to hold some light weight articles.

Take three old compact discs.  Apply acrylic paint with a brush radially from the centre towards the circumference.  Apply two or three times so that the paint spreads evenly without brush marks


The paint dries quickly.  Prepare three such CDs as shown in the pic below


Take chemical clay and blend the two parts well till the clay turns white .  Make small spheres of clay as shown in the next image below


Place one ball of clay on the top of one CD , place the bottom of the next CD over it and press gently so that both cds stick together through the clay


Stick the three CDs and wait for around 10 minutes for the clay to set.


Using 3D glitter make simple decorations on the painted compact discs


Take a paper cup and cut it into two halves using a pair of scissors



Apply  acrylic paint of contrasting colour on one half of the paper cup with a brush


Using glue stick the half paper cup to the CD.  Glue can be applied to the edge of the cup that is to be stuck and also on the CD


Take a thick thread , I have used a golden thread for decor purposes.  Apply glue to the thread as shown and stick to bottom of the top CD as shown in the second photo below.



An already made wall hanging is shown in the picture below.  We can decorate the paper cup portion using 3D glitter

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