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      Art through Rangoli and Pottery craft

Art through decoration of objects has fascinated us from time immemorial.  There are many beautiful designs and patterns that are drawn on various objects like pottery, ceramic tiles, plates to name a few.

 I would also like share some simple patterns and designs that can be used for decorating plates, pottery and tiles and anything else possible.  I emphasise that I would like to keep it as simple as possible so that it easy for all of us to practise, paint, decorate an display.


Simple pottery decoration can be used for display or as a flower vase.  Accepted that natural flowers have their own beauty, we can also have some artificial flowers for flower vases, occasionally. The artificial flowers in the image below, has been made from felt paper.  Different colours are available, I have chosen yellow and red.   Using a felt paper of suitable size ( the size of the flower varies according to the size ) the shape should be a rectangle.

Fold it along the breadth and cut the paper using a pair of scissors at a number of places as closely as possible  to get many petals.  Roll it and stick the ends with glue to get the flowers.


In the pottery in the images above, we take earthen pots of different shapes apply acrylic paint of the colour of our choice and allow it dry for a few minutes.  Then using acrylic paints, outlines, chamki, kundan stones and anything else we are comfortable with or access we can decorate the pots as shown.  Simple border designs, free hand designs that are use for rangoli can be used here too.  Many are available for reference and use.


This pottery art  is some what different from the above, it is can we call it - an abstract art on pottery.  Apply white paint to a pot so that with white or any light colour as back ground other colours are clearly visible.  After a few minutes it dries if we use acrylic paint.  Now add glass colours of different colours in a bowl of water and mix them by gently blowing air  on them.  Dip the pot in the water sideways so that half of it is outside the surface of water and roll it gently so that the colours stick on to it.  After rolling a few times, the result is as shown in the image below.  If we are lucky we may get some beautiful design with some degree of symmetry.  After all it is like the designs we see in the clouds.
Multi colour rangoli designs for school projects 

Rangoli by themselves are beautiful adding various hues and shades make them even more beautiful and attractive.  The next rangoli is a free hand rangoli that needs some practice.  This innovative technique that is now common in Rangolisansdots - both blog and YouTube was "invented" by me due to many requests from viewers who were finding it difficult to draw lines and shapes but were very much attracted towards this beautiful and ancient art of India and wanted to try their hand.
So to make things easy for them , I started developing rangoli designs using house hold objects arranged in various patterns - namely old and waste cds and bangles.  Since both are circular in shape there is a limitation on the patterns we can get but still the combinations that can be obtained are numerous.

Place the CD and bangles to form a circular pattern. Mark the center with white rangoli power in the hold in the CD.

Remove the CD carefully
Draw annular rings of various colours
Remove the bigger bangles carefully

Fill with pink rangoli and remove the small bangles

The basic rangoli pattern is ready.  The pink circles are decorated with white dots.


A multi colour dot pattern in rangoli at the centre  to make the rangoli even more beautiful.



A very beautiful rangoli with multi colour circles and dots is ready for Diwali rangoli or projects


  Rangoli art for projects

Free hand rangoli designs need some practice but are definitely challenging and there is a satisfaction we get when we complete the rangoli and fill the colours.  The images show the steps for a small free hand rangoli design I drew for Diwali long back.  Instead of roses that are usually used for rangoli designs , I have used rose buds.  There are quite a few rangoli designs with rose buds in Rangolisansdots , I think this is among the earliest.



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