Butter murukku thenkuzhal ottu pakoda recipes

Butter murukku pieces - savory recipe for Diwali or evening snacks

What we need is rice flour that is readily available in the stores or rice flour that is home made by soaking rice in water , spreading it on a clean cloth , drying it in shade and then dry grinding it.
Then white sesame seeds , asafoetida , green chillies wet ground in a mixer , butter and salt

  • Take three measures of rice flour , 3/4 to 1 tea spoon butter is added.
  • All other ingredients are added one by one.  
  • Green chillies paste and salt can be varied according our taste.
  • Mix will adding water little by little
  • At this step we can check whether salt and chillies are as per our requirement
  • We should prepare the dough as and when required only.  Do not prepare the entire dough at one stretch . After preparing the dough use the murukku achchu or template with single star shaped opening 
  • Take oil in a vessel and when it has been heated to the right temperature
  • Place the dough the in the achchu and make the murukku .
  • It is sufficient if we make only pieces , they are easy to serve and make also !
  • Hot butter murukku pieces an ideal evening snacks with tea during monsoon and also for Deepavali recipes of the savory variety is ready.



Ottu pakkoda or ribbon pakkoda- savory recipes for Diwali or evening snacks ideas

The ingredients are gram dhal flour , rice flour , sesame seeds , red chilly powder and asafoetida and butter ( optional ) or hot oil
  • For three measures of rice flour add one measure of gram dhal flour
  • Add salt , asafoetida,  white sesame seeds, chilly powder to this
  • Salt and chilly powder can be varied according to your taste
  • Add some butter or hot oil and mix well .
  • After mixing thoroughly add water little by little to make a dough
  • Prepare only the required amount of dough as and when needed. 
  • Make the dough little by little to make few ribbon pakkodas at a time
  • Using the ribbon pakkoda template in the chakli maker fry in hot oil
  • Serve with hot tea  in the evening for snacks.




Diwali savouries South Indian savory recipes
Apart from sweets , savoury as we call them also form an important part of Diwali celebrations in Tamil Nadu.  In those days , preparations had to be made days in advance.  All the sweets and savouries were prepared and had to be stored carefully to save them from the ants and from the kids also !  There is a tradition of exchange of gifts in the form of sweets and savouries with neighbours and relatives who come to our house.  

Thenkuzhal Diwali savory recipe
  • Five measures ( azhakku ) raw rice is taken in a bowl.  It is soaked in water for half and hour.
  • Then we should drain all water, and dry in shade under a ceiling fan, spreading the rice on clean cloth
  • Another option is ready made flour is available in the shops and that may be used.
  • After the rice is dry , dry roast in a vessel without oil. Only light roasting is required 
  • For five measures raw rice , take one measure urad dhal and dry roast in a vessel
  • Mix both the ingredients and dry grind at the local "machine" as we call here.
  • To the ground flour add salt , cumin seeds and asafoetida as required
  • I add a little oil to this mixture, some people add butter instead of oil
  • Sprinkle water , little by little and prepare the dough.
  • Take oil in a vessel and when the oil becomes hot turn the stove to sim position so that the savory gets cooked evenly
  • Using a kuzhal make the thenkuzhal rolls and fry in the oil.
  • Once the oil  stops sputtering remove the thenkuzhal.
  • Break one , if we can see a small hole at the centre then we are sure we got the right "padham"
  • Happy Diwali !





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