New rangoli for Diwali latest designs

Diwali special rangoli with innovative rangoli making techniques

Getting perfect symmetry and geometry in traditional methods of making rangoli is not easy for beginners so we can try the use of aids - with what ever is available in the house particularly the  kitchen (!) to draw beautiful rangoli designs.

  Here I have drawn the circular rangoli at the centre with a plastic plate .  After filling with white using the chakli template I placed star like patterns inside the white circle

Then place some dots of the same colour also inside the circle. 

 Using  another chakli template place patterns filled with dots as shown in one of the images.  Along the circumference place orange and blue bullets  and press them gently with the index finger.  

Then in the periphery draw floral patterns with cotton bud technique.  The result is the best rangoli design we can get in the shortest possible time for Diwali decoration.

rangoli designs with tools at home 


Actually the orange or red , blue and white combination goes well and is quite commonly used colour combination.  

Circular rangoli designs for Diwali - cotton buds and finger rangoli technique to create

We have a fascination for geometry and symmetry so circular rangoli designs are drawn with the help of a thread and chalk piece or using any circular object  I have tried it with the traditional method of drawing rangoli. 

 Obviously, we cannot draw a perfect circle using the traditional method of drawing lines.  However , we can make up if we draw the circles and fill up with colours inside.  We have to draw the circle as circular as possible ! 

 Then we can make up for the errors in drawing the circle  to some extent.  In the rangoli design below the method explained above has been followed to create three concentric " circles " , filled with different colours. 

 The patterns  inside have been drawn using a cotton bud .  The dots outside have been flattened using the finger rangoli technique on bullets of rangoli .  A simple and easy rangoli for Diwali decoration of our homes.

First draw a small circle , fill with white rangoli.  Next draw a pink  circle with pink rangoli powder.  Finally the yellow circle is drawn , filling the spaces with the respective colors. 

 Using cotton bud a simple floral pattern at the centre and other patterns in the pink and yellow patterns are formed to get the simple and beautiful rangoli . 

 Finally orange dots are placed on the periphery of the  outermost circular pattern .  The gaps are filled with white  dots to enhance the beauty of the rangoli  design. 

The white kola podi I use is that is available in the market mixed with rice flour in the ratio 1part  rice flour to  3 parts kolam powder.

Traditional round rangoli design through pics 


Diwali Lakshmi Puja Laxmi Puja | Pujan | Rangoli with swastik designs

The following images is the latest addition to my Diwali rangoli designs of different types that are non traditional.  The theme is drawing Lakshmi Pada or Goddess Lakshmi's feet with swastik designs.  The highlight is the toe ring or jodvi I have added to the Feet.

Try for Diwali or Dhanteras or any Lakshmi Pooja in Pooja room only

This is an innovative rangoli design,  I have used CD or compact disc, bangles to get the basic circular patterns.  Then draw the swastik pattern with cotton bud fill some colors inside also.

Using bullets and finger rangoli technique decorate the circumference as shown in the pictures.
Draw the Feet of Laxmi at the centre.

Puja ghar rangoli quick and easy 

Beautiful rangoli designs with colours | Innovative rangoli with bangles, cotton buds

One of the problems we face in drawing rangoli is drawing shapes free hand.  So for special rangoli like Diwali particularly if we are new to rangoli art and want to try some beautiful designs for Diwali, we can use some aids to draw the shapes. 

 In this rangoli the square shape has been drawn with the help of a mouse pad (!) and as usual the circles are drawn with the help of bangles.  After filling the circles with rangoli colours , using the cotton buds floral patterns are formed.

  For a change the yellow colour is used to form  a spiral instead of filling the circle.  The bangles are removed before the cotton bud is used and then a square shape is drawn along the perimeter of the mouse pad and then it is removed.

 Now a symmetrical rangoli design is obtained.  Fill up the inside of the square with orange flower rangoli designs.  Add a few more decorations and the rangoli is ready for Diwali, Dhanteras , name any festival of the Diwali season or for a college competition.

Easy and quick rangoli with tools 


Rangoli craft - new designs for Diwali

 Different and unique rangoli for Diwali using cotton buds

.Rangoli is an art and the term rangoli art is quite commonly used.  I would prefer to call these designs rangoli craft because I have not followed the traditional method of drawing rangoli designs with rangoli powder.  What I have done in these and in some rangoli in the past posts is that I have obtained a pattern by rearranging the rangoli colours mixture in the first design and in the second design I have made use of a stencil to get a stencil-rangoli combo.  These techniques have already been used in Rangoli-sans-dots.  Only I have devoted a separate post and unique name for these designs - rangoli craft.

The first rangoli,  when it is erased, the accumulated rangoli powder is used as a central design  (I find it painful to remove a rangoli). Please notice the slight difference in colour of the central patterns of the above rangolis. Simple patterns  including straight, curved lines and simple geometric patterns as shown are drawn around the periphery of the centre.  Thus using very few colours also we can draw a decent rangoli.
This design. I think it is the most beautiful    Carefully using a stencil decorate the flower with motifs from the stencil so there is space at the centre. Then draw the pink flower at the centre.   The space in between is filled with purple colour with light blue dots.  Using single and parallel lines designs expand the rangoli after surrounding it with a double line floral border.  More decorations with spiral patterns, rhombuses and very small circles are used to decorate it further. Another special and different design.
Free hand rangoli and  stencil combination is also possible,  it is a very simple design.  Place the rang
oli stencil on the floor, fill the stencil - half with white and half with purple - any other colour combination can also be used.  After removing the stencil add free hand decorations and fill the left side with purple colour and right with white colour to complete the rangoli.


This is a new rangoli design drawn by the following this method - . The rangoli  above when it is erased, the resultant powder mixture is formed in  the shape of a circle to get the central rangoli which is decorated (!) using a cotton ear bud.  Then simple patterns plain or colours are drawn around the central design to obtain  the second design.  Colourful  circles in blue and  orange have been drawn for placing lamps for Diwali  or Karthigai deepam festival.   

The rangoli below is also evolved from a previously drawn rangoli..  The central design is obtained from the rangoli powder of an erased rangoli.  It is made into the shape of a circle and then using ear buds the design according to get a design our imagination .  Then it is decorated with free hand borders using white and pink colours to get the final design below. Placing white dots along the pink border enhances the appeal of the rangoli design. 

Diwali rangoli  - a simple Sanskar Bharati design
  No kolam or rangoli collection can be complete without one of the most beautiful methods of drawing kolam - Sanskar Bharti rangoli design.

So, I have added a simple and semi-circular kolam with free hand patterns above a carpet of red, blue and green colours. 

Since I use the traditional method of drawing kolam even for this type there may be some differences between the classical Sanskar Bharti designs and the ones I draw.  However the idea or theme is the same.  

The difference between the rangoli above  and other rangoli is that this rangoli drawn using a different method  ( a method similar to sanskar bharathi rangoli ).  

The background is filled with rangoli powder,   I preserve the used rangoli powder from the designs I draw and have used it as background. as I wrote in the previouss ( after all rangoli is an ephemeral art and so lasts for a very short time ).

After forming a circular background, the flower design ) is drawn using orange colour to form the patterns. The  the border is also filled with simple patterns. We can add more patterns in the remaining spaces too..

This is a simple rangoli (below )  inspired by the Sanskar Bharti designs.  The mixture of  rangoli colours from an erased rangoli has been used as the base or background. 

The powder is sprinkled with fingers ( I do not use a filter ) to obtain a circle.  Any design of our choice can be drawn on the  base free hand or with dots. 

This is different but simple way of drawing a rangoli design.

New ideas for rangoli designs

 This is yet another rangoli design using a mixture of rangoli colours at the centre.  The mixture is sprinkled and arranged to get the star shaped design at the centre. 

 Then using a cotton bud floral petal shapes are drawn at the centre. That is filled with bright blue colours to get the floral design as shown. 

 Now using parallel line designs the star is decorated with various motifs or patterns.  Only two colours pink and blue have been added to the white rangoli design. 

 It is a simple but different rangoli design and so special.
These designs can also be used for Navratri rangoli decoration.

Peacock rangoli like designs for  Diwali decoration

Or does it look like an alien bird :)

Place bangles of different sizes for the head and neck use smaller size as also for the tail.  For the rest use bigger bangles.  Place them in the shape of a peacock.  Fill  the bangles with colours. 

 Remove the bangles carefully.  Decorate the feathers as shown in the images. 

 Decorate further according to your imagination.   The simple and beautiful  peacock  rangoli is completed for Diwali decoration or for school  competitions - as easy rangoli design.

Try some of these without chukki rangoli for Dhanteras rangoli or Bhai Dooj festival

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