Paneer butter masala recipe step by step

    One of the most popular paneer recipes is the paneer butter masala, an all time favourite with adults and kids alike.The images below give the step by step procedure to make this the traditional  way and hence cannot be categorised as the restaurant style paneer butter masala.
Take a little quantity of butter in a vessel heated on a stove and let it melt        

Add coarsely chopped onions , I have taken four onions , coarsely chopped because we will grind it in a mixer

 Add half tea spoon of ginger garlic paste , any reputed brand can be used


Add two finely chopped green chillies . Two will suffice because we will add chilly powder also


Add a tea spoon of turmeric powder and mix  the mixture well constantly with a ladle.  This will ensure that parts of the onion is not over cooked.

Add a few cashew nuts .  This is optional only.  However adding cashews will enhance the richness  of the dish


Add two numbers chopped tomatoes and mix using a wooden or steel ladle.


Add four tea spoons of dhania powder or coriander powder 


 Now add red chilly powder.  Kashmiri chilly gives a good colour but it is not very hot.  The usual chilly powder  is hot but it does not add the same colour .  We can decide what we want. Salt is added for the gravy only.  When the whole side dish is ready again we have to check and add a little salt if needed.


Mix all the ingredients well and when the onions and tomatoes have been cooked completely , remove from the stove and allow to cool.  When they reached room temperature, grind in a mixer into a paste

Now clean the same vessel or take another vessel and add two or three teaspoons of butter and heat so that it melts.  Add cinnamon , two pieces to the butter.  We can also add bay leaves if we want.

 When the butter has melted completely, add the ground mixture of onions and tomatoes.


When the ingredients are getting heated add one teaspoon of garam masala powder


When the ingredients  start boiling , add chopped cubes of paneer and stir well.


Add kasuri methi which is nothing but dried methi  leaves after adding some cream ( I have used home made cream )


Paneer butter masala is ready to be served as a side dish for poori , roti .  For that matter we can also use it as a side dish for pulav or vegetable biriyani.


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