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Cone dosa recipe | Cone shaped dosa  All of us want something different in taste , in plating when it comes to cooking.   So the popular cone dosa , that has the shape of a cone is one of the favourites of children.

Dosa, idli and Pongal are among the most popular breakfast recipes in South India.  All the three are healthy 

Take a ladle of dosa batter and spread evenly on a tava , starting from the centre and moving towards the periphery as shown in the first image.  Spread the batter as thinly as possible.

Place the stove at high and let the dosa batter become a little crisp . Using a knife cut the dosa being  cooked from the circumference to the centre so that the dosa is separated from the edge to the centre.



 Using a wooden ladle gently fold the dosa as shown in the pictures below to get the shape of a cone.



 The cone dosa is ready. We need not turn it to the other side.  Actually it is not possible because it is a cone dosa !
Crisp dosa or Crispy dosa recipe

We can use idli batter for making dosa , making separate batter is not required.  I use only idli batter.
Batter should not be  as viscous as idli batter but slightly less. Heat the tawa on a stove then bring the knob to sim position.  In a ladle take the batter , pour the centre of the tava and spread it as thin as possible using the ladle.  Do not apply too much pressure on the batter being spread.

After spreading the batter , keep the stove knob at medium position.  Apply oil around and at the centre.  Wait for few minutes.  The dosa starts turning  brown ,  remove it from the pan  .  Crispy dosa is ready.  We need not turn the dosa to the other side to cook again because it is very thin and gets cooked easily.



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