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Geethala muggulu for Sankranti | New Year | Pongal

Variety geethala muggulu in this post !

 am asked on YouTube that my bangle wearing style  is very beautiful !  It is just our tradition is wearing green glass bangles separately or with gold bangles.

So  when I wear two gold ornaments on the hand and that is invariably the right hand   , the green glass bangles  are between them. 

 If I wear 4 gold bangles , I wear green ones between any two gold ones.  I am pleasantly surprised that I am observed so closely in my rangoli videos.  

Actually one lady raised doubts about who is drawing the kolam when I changed my style  of wearing bangles !

Geethala muggulu video please ! This is the request many a time on YouTube and Facebook
So I create lots of designs.  

This video is one of them.  This muggu was created spontaneouslyThe circular design is simple and beautiful too . 

The video is 👉 muggu video  

Sankranti was Pedha Panduga for my mother  so emphasis was given by her for the celebration and big rangoli  and rangoli with lines.  

This post will be only about lines rangoli designs The first is a traditional geethala muggu or rangoli with lines that starts with a basic krishnan dindu pattern as it is called. 

 A swatik design is drawn and small parallel lines are drawn inside.  The rangoli / kolam develops as shown in the image above. 

On four sides draw the four geometric shapes with lines inside so that we get a grid like formation

From the top of the central pattern connect these grids with four lines as shown in the pic below.  This is done for all four sides.

a) Step by step images for first of the lines muggulu geethala muggulu
Next step for the geethala muggu that we can try for Bhogi also 

Another image showing the connections being done between the central pattern and the outer ones
Now repeat the steps to get four more such patterns in the gaps .
Now make the sharp edges smooth with curved lines as shown.
Decorate with a kaavi border for the Sankranti festival decoration.
The next rangoli  or muggu is a very traditional padi kolam variety with the basic square pattern.
2)  Next steps for a geethala muggulu small 
After drawing the basic square , draw the four outermost squares
Connect them with curved lines as shown , four on each side
Repeat the steps for all four small sqares .Decorate the space in the central square.
Decorate the gaps further as shown.Dots make the muggu more attractive and beautiful
A collection of videos of some very simple githala muggulu designs from my YouTube Channel that we can try for festivals including Pongal , Navratri and Varamahalakshmi Puja is 👉geethala muggulu videos  
Dotted geethala muggu or line kolam with dots 
The dot pattern used is 5, 4, 3 idukku pulli.  Form the pattern at the centre and outside using the dots.
The other pictures should make the steps self explanatory, I hope.
Next step for the geethala muggulu with dots 
Sankranti geethala muggu simple is ready for decorating our homes
The  kolam ( or muggu ) is a basic padi kolam.  I am of the opinion that traditional padi  kolam should start with a square base.  I use four or five lines for a padi kolam or any lines kolam.  There  is a school of thought which feels  that padi kolam should be with 2, 4,6  lines  only ( i.e the number of lines  should be even). This was a point of discussion on my YouTube channel with some subscribers through the comment form .  While  I use 4 or 5 lines my elder sister is very particular that five lines  are used for  padi kolam.   In  fact she called me  from  Nagpur over telephone and discussed my video on my YouTube channel and asked why I was using 4 lines when  our family tradition is using 5 lines.   Though there  are no hard and fast rules in the number  of lines in a traditional padi kolam ,we may have 4 or 5 , the second option is two lines only. Any other number is usually not used.   Traditional  lines kolam may differ from traditional padi kolam in that they need  not start with a square base and so  also the number of lines. 
Next image showing how to draw the simple geethala muggulu easy design
Geethala muggulu small after completion try for Bhogi Panduga too 
Sankranti muggulu only with lines | Dhanurmasam geethala muggulu
Two more muggulu that are lines muggulu designs for Sankranti festival.  This variety of muggu is one of the favourite categories in our family particularly for festivals.  These kolam or muggu are drawn for auspicious occasions and Sankranti is also called Pedha Pandaga in Telugu in my maternal home town , Vizianagaram near Vishakapattinam.  So these are lines rangoli designs are very popular during Sankranti festival celebrations .  These celebrations are as popular as the Pongal festival celebrations with kolam and new clothes and of course both are celebrated at the same time of the year.
Another image showing the step for this line rangoli kolam
Small and beautiful line rangoli is ready for Pongal festival called Sankranthi in many parts of India
We can also try something different in padi kolam or geethala muggulu as we say in Telugu .  After drawing the basic patterns with lines we can try to create some birds patterns in the muggu with lines only.  The pictures of the muggu show how and they can be followed easily , I presume.  One of the many questions asked by viewers is the quality of lines in the rangoli designs I draw. I use a mixture or rice flour and traditional kola podi in the ratio 1:3 .  So this mixture gives the perfect balance for colour and texture we need for the right kolam powder.
Photo shows how to proceed with this beautiful line rangoli design
Geethala muggu with birds designs using lines only .  Draw colourful lines among the white lines to enhance the beauty.  Choose the best quality rangoli colours so that there is no smudging.

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