vendhaya sambar kulambu radish kuzhambu

There are many options for side dish for rice with vendhaya keerai or fenugreek greens or just vendhayam or fenugreek.

 I have tried to shared some traditional and different varieties that I prepare as side dish for rice at home for children and family. 

Similarly with radish or mullangi what I have shared is a different kulambu  that  is prepared with jaggery added so it will liked by children due to its sweet and sour taste.  

It is also an excellent side dish for Pongal

Easy vendhaya kulambu without coconut without toor dhal
  • How to prepare fenugreek kuzhambu 
  • The ingredients are  Mustard, urad dhall,  , gram dhall  , fenugreek, asafoetida , red chillies and green chillies cut vertically

  • Gram dhal is taken a little more than normal because we do not use toor dhal for this recipe
  • We can add or decrease chillies depending upon the karam we need.
  • Add a little oil in a vessel and saute with mustard , urad dhal , gram dhal , asafoetida, red chillies and green chillies
  • Add turmeric powder and curry leaves also
  • I have used ladies finger ( vendakkai ) or okra for this kulambu. 
  •  They are cut into small pieces suitable for sambar and fried in a little oil
  • We can use onion, drumstick , brinjal, carrot and pumpkin also instead of okra
  • Prepare tamarind solution in water with a lemon sized tamarind soaked in water
  • Add the tamarind solution and allow it to boil. Add salt to taste and let is boil
  • Add jaggery and stir well.  Since we add jaggery it is a good side dish for pongal
  • If it is dilute we can add rice flour mixed in water to make it viscous.
  • It is good practice to saute again with mustard, urad dhal , gram dhal , fenugreek and asafoetida
  • My mother in law used to say that this fenugreek kuzhambu should have the viscosity of honey.
  • Finally we can add finely chopped coriander leaves for fine flavour.  
  • Vendakkai Vendhaya kuzhambu is ready as a side dish for rice or for Venn Pongal.
  • It is a different type of recipe.



Radish kulambu - mullangi kuzhambu side dish for rice
  • The ingredients required are 
  • Gram dhal , toor dhal , urad dhal , dhania - one tea spoon
  • Add red chillies according to taste
  • All these have to be roasted in oil till the dhals lose their moisture
  • Before this half tea spoon fenugreek and little rice is dry roasted in a vessel
  • Rice is added to increase the viscosity of the kuzhambu
  • Add rice fenugreek mixture to the dhal dhania mixture
  • Dry grind them in a mixer when they become cool.
  • Now add a little oil in a vessel , saute with mustard, urad dhal , fenugreek , more gram dhal and curry leaves.  Add tamarind extract to this
  • (An amla sized tamarind is soaked in water.  This can be varied according to our taste )
  • Carrot , radish , okra , onion , pumpkin can be used to make this side dish
  • Chop one of these vegetables, cook it in a cooker and add at this stage 
  • When the ingredients begin boiling add the dry ground powder we have made ready.
  • It is preferable to dissolve this powder in water and then add to avoid solid particles formation
  • We do not add turmeric powder to this kulambu.
  • Again let it boil so that it becomes semisolid   Add jaggery and salt to taste
  • We should saute with mustard, urad dhal and fenugreek once more and add 
Since we add jaggery it is suitable as a side dish for ven pongal  also







Vendhaya keerai or fenugreek leaves sambhar - side dish for rice for lunch
  • Dal sambar using vendhaya keerai recipe - a side dish for rice
  • This sambar is prepared without sambar powder
  • This dish can be prepared with any type of greens including drumstick leaves
  • Wash the fenugreek leaves well after cleaning them thoroughly
  • An amla sized tamarind is soaked in water 
  • Toor dhal is cooked in a water by adding required water and a pinch of turmeric powder
  • Other ingredients are mustard, urad dhal , fenugreek , red chilly and green chilly cut vertically and asafoetida
  • As usual the chilly quantities depend upon our taste buds !
  • Fenugreek is usually one teaspoon for other greens , for vendhaya keerai a small quantity will do
  • Four cloves of garlic can be added and that is optional.
  • Take teaspoons oil in a vessel, add urad dhal , mustard, chillies , fenugreek, asafoetida and turmeric powder and saute.
  • If garlic is required it can be added at this step.
  • Next add the washed greens and then the tamarind extract and  allow to boil so that they are cooked completely
  • Then add the cooked toor dhal and stir well.  Add salt according to your taste
  • If the sambar is little watery, we can mix two teaspoons of rice flour in water and add to sambar.
  • Allow it boil and then saute once again with mustard, urad  dhal , asafoetida and one red chilly
  • After mixing this sambar with rice we can add mustard, urad dhal , asafoetida saute in oil
  • It gives an enhanced taste for the side dish .  Mor milagai ( sun dried chillies ) is a good combination for this






Gram dhal and mustard fried in oil is added to keerai sambar rice.  It enhances the taste and flavour

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