Double line rangoli kolam designs steps

  Rangoli making / Rangoli drawing - double stroke kolam

The first image shows the first step of the rangoli.  I have used only parallel lines drawn simultaneously in this design. Draw four pairs of intersecting lines. 

 From the ends of each line connect the adjacent line to get the pattern seen above.

A very basic design that can by itself used as a simple rangoli for our homes.  The next design has evolved from the previous one. 

 Draw a parallel line border matching the contours of the first design.  Connect the border and the floral design with as many straight lines as possible

The third step of the rangoli is shown below.  Decorate the periphery of the rangoli with floral motifs that are formed using spiral and circular patterns.  

Also fill the petals at the centre with simple oval designs.  This is a plain rangoli by itself and can be drawn at entrances. 

The rangoli can be filled with colours.  Adding colours will make any rangoli very attractive.  Actually rangoli means rows of colours.  

Hence colours and rangoli always go together. This rangoli in colours has been posted in a subsequent post              
Rangoli above  has evolved from the second one  which has evolved from the first image above.  All three are unique by themselves 

 and  can  be drawn depending  upon the  occasion,  availability of time and space. 

Thus from a single basic version, many  with intricate patterns  can evolve. I have constraints in space at present which will be reflected in  many designs.

 The rangoli after addition of a few colours and the effect of colours on a plain white rangoli is clearly visible. 

 Add lines of different colours  between the double line border and the floral design and fill the patterns with colours 

of your choice to get this simple design of rangoli

Two line kolam step by step pics 


Double line rangoli designs are easy to colour , we have to only fill in the gaps with colourful lines , this rangoli tip is only a repetition of what I have stated elsewhere on this website.  Obviously,  I add it in this post for who are visiting this blog for the first time. 

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