Puthandu kolam New Year rangoli designs

This is a different type of kolam that we can try to make others look in awe.  The dot pattern is 7 dots at the centre, 8,9,10,3,2,1 on either side.   Puthandu-kolam-New-Year-rangoli-designs-1a.png
A common vilakku kolam using 11 to 6 dots.  I have decorated with kolam podi ,  we can use colours to enhance the beauty.Puthandu-kolam-1a.pngThis kolam uses 14 dots 2 rows , then upto 2 dots.  Called Happy New Year kolam ,  I regularly use this design I created .  We have to only change the year from 2021 to 2022.


The kolam in the pic below was created by me using 11 to 6 dots.  Add bright colours if you want use this pattern for Puthandu kolangal.


This is quite a simple  kolam for a 9 by 9 dots 


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