Puthandu kolam New Year rangoli designs

Happy New Year kolam , Welcome New Year rangoli designs are ubiquitous on New Year eve.  Many homes are adorned with colourful kolangal with one of these messages on the kolam itself.  Some may prefer to draw a big pulli kolam and write the message on the top or bottom of the kolam.  
I have shared some ideas for them.  I invariably draw a rangoli sans dots ( not surprising !) and write the message outside the rangoli. 
This is a different type of kolam that we can try to make others look in awe.  The dot pattern is 7 dots at the centre, 8,9,10,3,2,1 on either side.  
A common vilakku kolam using 11 to 6 dots.  I have decorated with kolam podi ,  we can use colours to enhance the beauty.Puthandu-kolam-1a.pngThis kolam uses 14 dots 2 rows , then upto 2 dots.  Called Happy New Year kolam ,  I regularly use this design I created .  We have to only change the year from 2021 to 2022 etc.

The kolam in the pic below was created by me using 11 to 6 dots.  Add bright colours if you want use this pattern for Puthandu kolangal.
This is quite a simple  kolam for a 9 by 9 dots 

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