Bhogi kolam designs with dots

 Try this big kolam for an important festival like Bhogi.  The dot pattern is 16 dots - 8 rows and then 8 dots 4 rows.


An old fashioned kolam but very beautiful.  Using only likes we can get a beautiful rangoli as shown in the picture above

The next kolam is a beautiful design .  The dot pattern is 15 to 8.  If we add colours or with just colourful shading , the result will be awesome as seen the photo below


We can also try this kolam 12 dots - 2 rows, vertical and horizontal.  Then two extra dots ( 8 pairs )


Or this butterfly kolam with 9 to 1 dots

Let me add an old kolam to this collection. The dot pattern is 2 rows and 2 columns of 2 pairs of 10 dots as shown !! Confusing :) :)  Please see the pic.




The patterns look like pliers don't they !!


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