Sankranthi muggulu for competition

Sankranthi 2022 is around the corner , a grand festival  ( Peddha Panduga according to my mother and grand mother  )The muggu below is a butterfly design using 13 to 1 dot pattern

The first pic is without colours and the second with colours.  What are butterflies and birds without colours !!

Only photos have been added to this blog post.  I presume that someone who is looking for designs for a rangoli competition can decipher easily the method.
Colourful shading has been done to the white rangoli 

 I think you can guess that dot pattern of this "Mamidi aaku " muggu


This is a 11 to 6 dots flower kolam called Parijatham

White or colourful chukki rangoli , you can choose what you want 
This is an old and traditional muggu , the dot pattern is 15 dots 1 row, 13 dots - 2 rows , 9 dots - 1 row, 
7 dots - 1 row , 5 dots - 2 rows then 1 dot

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