Bhogi kundala muggulu with dots simple

Using a small dot grid like 6 by 6 we can create a muggu with Pongal pot, sugarcane as shown in the photo   I have added step by step images also to make it easy to understand.

Add colours and designs on the pot.  We can draw the Sun also above the pot to complete the concept of the festival. 
There were requests from viewers on YouTube for a small, compact rangoli for Bhogi and Sankranthi theme viz. Pot , sugarcane or cheruku , Sun .  They requested due to  little space available at their entrance.

In metros , in apartment complexes ,  it is common to see entrances of houses facing each other .  So the space available for creating a rangoli is less.

The result is this kolam.  I have created this design with 7 and 9 dots as well.  It is available in this rangoli blog elsewhere.
A small and beautiful muggu for the festival decoration


Dot pattern 6 by 6 
6 pulli kolam new design
Chukki rangoli kolam for Pongal festival

Sankranthi chukki rangoli 6 by 6 with colours .  Violet is preferable for sugarcane ,  if it is not available we can use other colours.

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