Easy chukki rangoli please

We can create beautiful rangolis with small dot grids .  The step by step images show how to do it. We can draw them for our daily rangoli or for festivals like Sankranthi or Ugadi if we are looking for small designs. Rangoli designs are created by me usually in the afternoon , after lunch.  

There is invariably a note book and pen on the centre table.  
When it is time for old film songs on the radio.  Yes I still use a radio for listening to songs .  With the advancement in technology we discard so many things.  The use of the transistor radio was realised during the 2015 floods in Chennai.  There was no electricity for few days and consequently all mobile had no charge.
We used to get the latest news and updates on the situation in Chennai.


Dot pattern is 5 by 5 for this chukki rangoli small


Beautiful chukki rangoli designs can be created with small dot patterns.


I hope you will agree that this is a unique design.


One more small rangoli design with dots for daily use 

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