Shankam muggulu rangoli for Bhogi

For festivals like Bhogi , Sankranthi ( Pongal ) and also for Ekadasi.  This is a smaller version of a bigger muggu with 19 dots.  Add bright colours when drawing for festivals and kaavi border for Ekadasi .  It is a combination of three big and three small shankam.

 One of the comments on Facebook for one my videos was "This is should be taught in schools .  Children will never leave classes".  I wonder why this simple art is not being taught in kids.  At least to my knowledge it is not part of the extra curricular activities.

The star dot pattern is drawn using 9 to 13 dots and 4,3,2,1 dots on either side
Star dot pattern chukki rangoli for Sankranthi and Bhogi
Beautiful sangu kolam design for festivals like Pongal, step by step
Connect the dots with a single curved line to get the best effect in the muggu
Sangu kolam can also be drawn on Saturdays particular during Purattasi 
 If you are in search of  - chukki rangoli designs for competition , shanku rangoli with dots or sangu kolam poduvathu eppadi this kolam may serve the purpose.

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