Bhogi muggulu design step by step images

I am sharing step by step pictures of the muggu I created for Facebook.  Add kaavi colour to get a traditional look , decorate your house for  Bhogi festival .  It will give an auspicious aura .

This is based on padi kolam theme of Tamil Nadu.  There are two schools in padi kolam.  In one of the two , we start with square base .  The lines are even 2, 4, 6.  This is not a classical padi kolam

How to make muggu pindi at home 

For those who are coming here for the first time ,  I use a mixture of  white muggu pindi and rice flour.  The ratio is for 3 parts muggu pindi I use one part rice flour.  Mix both thoroughly.  If there are any coarse particles in the muggulu powder remove with a sieve. 

Decorate the centre according to your imagination
Also a without chukki rangoli for Sankranti
More the decorations ,  even more awesome rangoli we get
We can decorate with kaavi or colours 
You may also like to use this post for chukkala leni muggulu or white muggu. 

Best rangoli posts

Small rangoli with dots

9 dots or pulli kolangal