Chukkala muggulu with 6 dots ela veyali

This is an easy method to create a muggu.  Using these repeated patterns we can create many designs.  I will share more ideas .  After drawing these , we can decorate with motifs and colours to make it beautiful .  We can draw for festivals  like Sankranthi or Ugadi or use for our daily purpose muggulu without colour. Chukkala-muggulu-with-dots-ela-veyali-image-2912a.pngDot pattern is 6 by 6  - First draw the without colour rangoli with repeated patterns
Chukkala-muggulu-with-dots-ela-veyali-image-2912ab.pngElliptical patterns connecting the dots and intersecting each other are drawn. Repeat throughout the dot grid.
Chukkala-muggulu-with-dots-ela-veyali-image-2912ac.pngWhite muggulu of this type can be drawn for our daily purpose rangoli designs .  We can add colours as shown for important festivals like Ugadi and Bhogi 
Chukkala-muggulu-with-dots-ela-veyali-image-2912ae.pngThe pink or rose patterns can be drawn on floor with tiles ( provided the background contrast is good ) As a cement floor rangoli also it may be possible.
If you are looking for beautiful chukki rangoli designs or beautiful pulli kolangal this will certainly pass the test. 

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