Kundala muggulu chukkalu for Sankranthi

We all want to display our rangoli skills particularly during festivals like Sankranti and Dipavali.  Of course many of us prefer easy and simple designs.  

Here is one of them.

With a 7 by 7 dot grid we can get a Pongal kolam or Sankranti muggulu with dots with a Sankranthi Pot  two sugar cane and the Sun.

  All these three symbols represent the harvest festival Pongal.  

The sugar cane has been represented in purple , the  kunda is overflowing with sweet Pongal and of  course Sun  who we worship for this festival 

all have been shown in a small and compact design. 

his festival is also celebrated as Makara Sankranti  Karnataka and Maharastra and other parts of India. My mother called it the Pedha Pundaga  or big festival in Telugu.
First step for the kundala muggulu with dots - 7*7 dots rangoli

Next step for this kundala muggu chukkalu type


One of the many ideas for Pongal kundala muggulu 


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