White rangoli designs for Diwali decor

First a white rangoli design for competition. Instead of the easiest ,  I start with a difficult type -  double stroke rangoli in which the 2 lines are drawn simultaneously.  It is not easy to master. Once we are comfortable with this technique , we will love to draw lots of designs . 

 It is easy to colour because we have to add only lines the gaps between the parallel lines .  Next white rangoli kolam designs through few pics 


The next kolam in the pic above is a 9 to 5 dot design.  Again I have shared only white rangolis so that ideas are shown for Diwali festival decoration. 

 Colours can be chosen according to availability and our wish .  Bright colours are preferred for Deepavali .  Remember to fill the background also.


The next two are free hand rangolis ( white colour muggulu ) from my collection.  Of course ,  I have shared the colourful one  elsewhere on Rangoli sans dots.


Now,  this is quite a simple one , the kolam in the pic below.  I think it can be drawn in a jiffy.


This collection of 5 best and easy rangoli designs for Diwali decoration at home.  Try them, colour them and place diyas all around. Happy Diwali greetings in advance :)

 "Each time I see a new design it makes me wonder how you must have managed to create such a beautiful work art "  - recent feedback on social media .

  It is quite simple ,  invariably every day I spend my spare time creating or trying to create different and new designs . I have used many note books for this purpose.  I still have all of them.

  Occasionally ,  I go through the old note books and pick one of them that has not been shared so far along with the latest designs that I have created.  

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