Sankranti Chukki rangoli big beautiful

The  kolam below is with dots  pattern 19 by 9 dots, then  11 by 1 on either side and  9 to 4 on  either side. 

The method to draw this through some photos of intermediate steps are given below.  With these images it should be easy to get an idea as to how to draw this 

These two images show how to proceed with the rangoli .  The distance among the dots in the grid decides the size of the kolam. 

I usually use a closely packed dot grid .  Consequently I can draw this even if there is very less space available. 

When we draw a common rangoli in the street or if there is lot of space near the entrance we can increase the distance among the dots to get a bigger version of the same kolam.

This can belong to an awesome rangoli designs with dots collection.  When you draw it you can experience. 

Rangoli tip  -  Since there is a possibility of colours spilling on the white design,  it is preferable to draw with white powder after finishing adding of colours.  

I have filled the background also with rangoli powder.  Actually it is a mixture of colour rangoli powder that I preserve when a kolam  I draw for the website or video is erased. 


Chukki rangoli big size for Dhanurmasa and Sankranthi - step by step images




 I have used this mixture   in this kolam.   It only proves that anything  has a purpose and can serve a purpose!.  Oops!. I do not want to venture into philosophy.    Since it is relatively big rangoli we need patience.

An advantage of doing this is the background is relegated to the background ( excuse the pun ) and the white rangoli is visible clearly.  This design  is suitable for rangoli competition.  Inspiration for birds kolam is from nature. 

   Of all the Indian birds the peacock is the most colourful.  It has been  a source of inspiration for Indians to add a dash of colour where ever possible.  My children tell  me that the birds like birds of paradise, rainbow lorikeet and macaw are also very colourful.  

Anyway,  colours  make the world a better place  to  live  in. The world in black and  white is incomprehensible and unthinkable

 The rangoli drawn by me  are no where close to nature in resplendent  colour!

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