Small white rangoli kolam designs

 These are basic designs that can be drawn at the entrance for our vasal kolangal hence images showing intermediate steps are not shown 

Seven  rangoli ideas are shown here that can be used for 7 days  in 30 days i.e simple kolam for a month.

One of the most common kolam in the pic below.  The basic star pattern with petals from all edges.  The 2 lines are drawn separately.

How to learn kolam  We can learn this art by referring to books or websites like Rangolisansdots. 

Drawing on a note book is easier than drawing with kola podi. 

Kolam making the traditional way demands coordination among the fingers and thumb. 

Filling the inner spaces with patterns of our choice and also on the outside as demonstrated in the images below

The pics show one of the methods of creating a beautiful kolam even with a small design.

 1) Small rangoli kolam easy 


2) small star kolam


  If you would like to try double lines simultaneously the smallest rangoli is given in the photo below 

3) short rangoli design


4) Short rangoli images new


Two of the simplest kolangal using geometric shapes that are created using intersecting lines ( rhombus or quadrilateral according to the symmetry achieved :) ) .
5) Small and attractive rangoli


6) small and quick rangoli


Now here comes the smallest floral design in the picture above with 8 petals which is a standard flower pattern.  Decorating outside can be according to our imagination. 

 After all regimentation suppresses creativity. The next pic shows how to draw a slightly advanced and intricate design once we are comfortable with some of the designs already shared in this post . 

So with this we have 7 naal 7 kolam designs for all days in a week. 

7) Daily vasal kolam designs


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