`13-7 chukki rangoli

 This post may answer the queries  - how to draw rangoli step by step , how to draw rangoli with dots.  These are interlaced dots i.e the current row of dots  is placed between the previous row .   Mark this post for New Year rangoli or Deepavali rangoli designs.

13 dots kolam | 13 dots rangoli | 13-7 dots rangoli | 13 chukkala muggulu
Connect the dots to get curved lines without a break. This is the important tip in this rangoli
Colourful lines are better than filling completely for this kolam
This is one of the most awesome rangoli designs you can draw for Diwali 
The next 13 dots design you can use for Sankranthi rangoli designs
Connecting outer dots two samples shown
Again with very few colours you get a beautiful rangoli for Dasara
Two rangoli designs shown through images step by step . 

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