rangoli kolam for wedding decoration

 kolam around a plate - traditional decoration for wedding

 Turmeric powder is mixed white rangoli powdeer  till the colour turns yellowish.  Simple decorations 

Lotus patterns before the banana leaf or plate.  Turmeric powder is considered to be auspicious hence it is added to the kola podi.  Some designs are given in the images.

Also drawn at home for festivals.

This is a double or rettai ezhai kolam - the two ezhai or lines drawn simultaneously..
I have shown images of rangoli designs drawn before a banana leaf ( vazhai ilai decoration  ). 

Traditionally this leaf is used for serving meals for weddings and other functions.  

For important festivals like Varalakshmi Vratham, Ganesh Chathurti, Navaratri there is also a tradition of decorating the banana leaf or plate on which the naivedyam is served to the family members with this type of kolam.

For the leaves on which the bride and bridegroom dine , more elaborate kolam can be drawn.

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