Simple toran making at home for Diwali

 OHP sheet toran or thoranam - Craft ideas for festival decoration at home 

Toran or Thoranam is an important part of celebration of any festival.  The image below  shows a festoon or toran made from artificial mango leaves .  


We can use them in places , countries where mango leaves are not available.

What we need for this craft idea

a) OHP sheet 
b) Card board
c) pair of scissors
d) Outliners 
e) Fancy tape
f) Glue or stapler 
g) Chamki

Make a template of a mango leaf with a cardboard.  Place it on an Over head projector sheet and cut as many leaves as you want.  Draw the veins with yellow colour outliner. Fill the leaf like shapes that are cut out with green to represent the leaves. 

 Stick or staple the leaves to fancy tape.  Stick chamki on the tap to enhance the beauty.  An awesome craft idea that can be done very quickly.  Decorate for festivals like Diwali , Navaratri.

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