Ganesha Chukki rangoli small n easy

How to draw Ganpati rangoli with dots  - just 4 dots ! A small and easy rangoli
Using a 4 by 1 dot grid we can create cute Ganesha rangoli the chukki type.  It is preferable to draw it in the Puja room and not at the entrance.  I have shown an intermediate step so that it will be easy to follow.   I have made some simple decorations.  You can try different patterns and colours too.
One more  simple rangoli design with 4 dots to 1 can also be drawn in the Puja Mandap.  This rangoli evolves from the onch design as seen from the images below.  We can decorate the rangoli further with few more patterns and colours .  The next Ganpati rangoli with chukki 
The next pic for the Ganesha rangoli with chukki or dots 
Simple and easy Ganpati rangoli for Ganesha Habba decoration and celebration
Such small designs can be drawn without dots also for  this important festival but most of us are more comfortable with chukki rangolis .  So I have shared these two ideas .  Hope you like them.
Happy Ganesha Chaturthi celebrations.

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