How to draw double line kolam for Pongal

Traditionally double line kolam is drawn with white rangoli powder- Take two pinches of white kolam podi on the index finger and the middle finger.  Push with the thumb. 

 One line falls outside the index finger. The other line falls inside the index finger.  


The image above shows a close up of the flow of kola podi , use of thumb and fingers.


For Pongal we can try something different and difficult two.  Here I have used two colours to draw double lines instead of just white kola podi. 


Next , let us see step by step how a double line rangoli evolves - through pics.


How to draw a parallel line kolam . The basic floral pattern and then  the next step in picture below 


Like mother like daughter.  My mother was an expert in double line muggulu ( recap - She was from Vizianagaram near Vishakapattinam - so it was muggulu for her ) 


Which is more beautiful - the white rangoli or the colourful one.  Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder !


It is easy to fill colours in kolangal drawn with this technique.  A demonstration is shown in the photo above.  The lines should be discrete , separate .  When you practice for the first time you may not get two distinct lines but only a thick line. 

 The more you practice ,  this technique comes with ease.  It is a very beautiful traditional method.  In a very short time we can create a lot of big designs.  I remember creating a double stroke kolam for Pongal at the entrance .  

The size was 3 to 4 feet in radius.  I could do it in 15 to 20 minutes.  Later adding colours took some time.  I do it alone because the art of adding colours to this type of rangoli design is unique .  Too many colours, sprinkling them at many places will obscure the irattai ezhai or two lines. 

Bhogi is also an important festival in Tamil Nadu for displaying rangoli.  So are Mattu Pongal and Kanum Pongal.  Why don't to try this idea for one of these festivals 

I would love to know your feedback.  A small piece of information - the kolam above was one of the favourite rangolis for my mother.  So I am very happy to share it here. 

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