10 to 2 dots kolam 10 to 2 dots rangoli

10 pulli kolam for Tamil New Year 
Decorate with a kaavi border for festivals and Fridays.  The box like pattern using dots is the traditional design.  The outer free hand designs have been added by me.  

The dot pattern is 10 dots 2 rows ,  then 8 to 2 dots.  This post may also answer the following - chukki rangoli for competition with dots,  Pulli vacha kolam for Pongal.


 dot grid is 10 dots 2 rows ,   8 to 2 dots

Draw a pair of horizontal lines outside 2 rows of 10 dots

Similarly vertical lines outside the 2 columns of 10 dots


The boxes have been formed

Connect the centres of each side of the squares as shown in the picture below


Extend straight lines on all four sides of the squares  to divide into two and four parts


This is simple geometry in kolam


These type of designs are called the kalyana medai

Decorations outside the basic pattern with spirals and flowers is according to our imagination



A border with a line around the designs on all four sides


We can use this as a daily rangoli also if we are looking for some medium sized rangoli for Tuesday or Friday.  
Also for Diwali rangoli designs with dots , old fashioned kolam .

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