Super easy flower border rangoli

Super easy small and quick border rangoli design for Diwali, Sankranti 

This is one of the simplest methods of making a border for a rangoli design.  I keep trying various methods of creating simple and quick designs so that they may be of help  to beginners to decorate their homes with beautiful patterns using ready made tools  available at home.

If you want easy rangoli border designs with flowers with innovative technique using tools or rangoli lotus border design you may find this post useful.

A simple idea to form a beautiful lotus rangoli border, quick and fast trick



I made use of tea coasters that can be used as a stencil
 Close up shows how the table coasters can be used as a stencil

Fill the gaps with rangoli colours  pink and green - for petals and leaves

Remove the coaster gently

Another view - this part has to be done carefully to avoid smudging

Using a cotton bud remove excess rangoli that may spill during filling



Using a different and related shade of pink ,  shade the inside of the flower

A close up view of the rangoli border


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