Rangoli pen how to use for Diwali

Some tips and tricks shared from experience

1.  The most important factor is white rangoli powder.
2. Traditional kola podi available in Chennai , Tamil Nadu is not suitable as it is
3. If we use it we have to sieve well and then use to make the texture smooth
4.  Rangoli powder available online and in Maharastra flows quite easily
5.  I purchased one pen in Jayanagar Shopping Complex , Bengaluru and one in Lakshmi Road, Pune
    Both are working quite well.  It is available online on Flipkart and Amazon also
6.  Fill the powder to the maximum extent in the pen.  When the quantity decreases the flow of the
      powder is affected
7.  After we have solved the flow of rangoli powder the next important factor is using the lid to close        the pen at the right time.
8.   If we learn 7 above perfectly we can avoid smudges and nonuniform flow of the powder.
9.   Same points apply for rangoli colours also
How to use rangoli pen to make simple borders
There are a number of holes 
Depending upon the number of holes used we can draw one line

two lines 

4 or 5 lines 

Once we are comfortable using the pen for creating rangoli we can try designs like this

Beautiful rangoli design with simple tools at home
Add colours to enhance the attractiveness.
If you are looking for quick and fast rangoli with tools , simple rangoli design with tool at home.

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