Mysore pak seivathu eppadi images steps

Soft mysore pak / mysore pauk recipe for Diwali sweets
  • Take one measure gram dhal flour ( kadalai maavu ) , two measures sugar and two measures ghee
  • In a vessel take sugar and add the gram dhal flour and heat 
  • Add a little water to help the sugar  to dissolve
  • Sugar also gives out water which helps this process
  • Stir continuously so that pieces of gram dhal flour are not left 
  • While stirring continuously add the two measures of ghee, little by little
  • The mixture of kadalai maavu , sugar and ghee will form a semi solid mass
  • Keep stirring till this semi solid dough does not stick to the vessel
  • Mean while apply ghee on a flat plate and when the dough is ready pour on the plate
  • Shake well so that the mysore pauk dough spreads evenly through out the plate.
  • Allow it to cool for some time , and cut horizontally and vertically to get pieces
  • Break one mysore pauk to check , it should break softly to get perfect recipe
  • Try for Diwali or Navratri

Semi solid dough should not stick to the vessel 


Small mysore pak is getting ready 

Mysore pak making is almost complete 


It should break softly 


Display with pride the mini mysore pak ,
 share it with your friends,
 acquaintances and relatives for Diwali and Dhanteras .  Traditional boondi laddu can also be tried for Dipavali 


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