Small easy and quick rangoli design

Small n quick innovative rangoli  design for beginners

I  belong to the traditional school of kolam .  Many youngsters inspired by my videos write to me that they also  want  to create kolam designs for festivals like Diwali and Sankranti and request for simple methods so that they can decorate for the festivals while learning to draw these traditional techniques.
So I started trying various options using tools available at home.  This is one of them.
Use a procircle - a geometric instrument


Fill the circles of various diameters with rangoli colours


After filling the colours

Remove the procircle gently so that the filled colours do not get smudged


Using a match stick or tooth pick create floral designs


Place dots inside the flowers,  white may be a common colour

At the centre also use bullets and tooth pick  or match stick to create multi colored flower

Rangoli is ready for display for Dhanteras , Bhai Dhooj rangoli designs.

The traditional rangoli with lines called padi kolam(s) are very beautiful ,  for those who want to try , I have added two simple designs that are trendy and chic too / I have made use of the basic square designs and then added patterns with tools .  Hope they are awesome

Easy padi kolam for beginners is ready 

Small easy padi kolam idea in progress

Small padi kolam for Sankranti


Kolam of any category is a very beautiful art .  The satisfaction one gets when we complete a pattern at the entrance of our house ,  however small it may be is to be experienced.  

If you are looking for creative rangoli designs for Diwali , small and easy rangoli designs for Diwali you may use one of them.

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