Ganga Jamuna recipe for Deepavali sweets

Deepavali sweets recipe dishes at home - old recipes

 In the photo below a sweet called Ganga Jamuna ( Don't ask me how it got the name )
  • Prepare a dough with chiroti rava .  
  • Add a pinch of salt and mix with water , make the dough and wait for two hours. 
  •  If chiroti rava is not available we can use ordinary rava after dry grinding it in a mixer.
  • Mix rice flour in ghee so that it forms a semi-solid glue This is used to stick the rolled dough

  • After rolling the dough into circular shapes as we do for chappati or poori.  
  • Place three pieces one above the other applying the rice flour ghee glue in between.  
  • Roll the dough as shown in the fourth image applying the rice flour ghee combination on the folds too. 
  •  Now cut the rolled dough into three pieces and roll one piece again. 
  •  If we have used three pieces we get a three layered chappati.  

  • I have rolled into a small triangular shape, fry in oil on medium flame. 
  •  Give sufficient time for the entire sweet to get fried.  
  • Soak it in a sugar syrup and serve.
The sugar syrup is prepared using the following proportion
  • For two measures of rava and one measure of sugar in two measures of water and heat for 10 minutes.  
  • The viscosity at the end of 10-12 minutes is the required consistency for the syrup

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