Old rangoli designs for Diwali with steps

Draw in the Puja room for Deepavali or Laxmi Puja
Start with the basic star pattern.  I have added some images for all steps so that it is easy to understand
Draw two parallel lines extending outside as in the picture.

Draw to parallel lines at the top and bottom as shown in the image.Start from the 4th line ( as seen from the  left ) and take above the first line Connect to the line at the bottom of the rangoli. Similarly start from the other end of the fourth line and take above the first line

Without chukki rangoli using lines 


Connect to the line at the bottom ( or the last line )

Similarly follow the steps shown in the images below to connect all the edges taking the lines above or below to get 3 triangles at the top and bottom .
Pulli illatha kolam through images 
this chukkala leni muggu may be tricky , hence many images have been added

Decorate with diyas made from spirals for the festival of lights. More decorations is as per your imagination.  A simple without chukki rangoli.

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