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Boondi recipes | Boondi laddu | Boondi ladoo recipe | for Diwali

Probably the most popular among the laddu recipes is the boondi laddu. 

It cannot be categorised as an easy laddu recipe along with the rava laddu , moong dhall laddu that involve almost no cooking. 

I have tried to make it as simple as possible. 

The problems is due to the procedures involved  if we make a mistake at any one step we can not get the correct ladoo.

So I have added a lot of pictures to make the steps clear and to make it as user friendly as a video.

The traditional and authentic boondhi laddu is ready for eating during the Diwali festival celebration.



The ingredients are one measure gram dhal flour , two measures sugar , cashew nuts , cloves , raisins, saffron powder for colour
For one measure gram dhal flour two measures of sugar are used.  Some use one and half measures of sugar

Another traditional sweet is the popular mini mysore pauk 

First the sugar syrup or sakkarai pagu is prepared by heating sugar and water in a vessel

Take one measure of gram dhal flour or kadalai maavu and prepare the boondi batter



 I do not use artificial colour .  I avoid it.  Instead I use saffron powder which gives an excellent and naturalistic color for the laddu though it is a bit expensive.  Since we are going to use only a pinch I think it is worth it.

The batter or maavu should be at the consistency we have for making bajjis

 Meanwhile  on the stove the sugar syrup is ready


 The pagu should be  sticky and it is the right padham .  This can be tested by taking it and testing with the fingers  as shown in the image.


Remove the pagu or syrup from the stove and have it ready for the fried boondis !  We can add pachai karpuram at this step

 Take oil in a vessel or kadai and using a ladle called boondi karandi pour the boondi batter and tap gently so that the drops fall in the oil.  If the batter is of the right consistency we will get spherical or near spherical boondi drops.

The boondis when dropped in a vessel give a some what metallic sound .  This is an indication that the frying is proper.

 Soak the boondi in sugar syrup .

Add fried cashew nuts, cloves and raisins to the loose boondhi


Using the right hand make round or spherical shaped laddus .  The boondi should be pressed hard so that they all  hold  together otherwise they may fall apart easily either when  making the laddu or when  kept in a plate.  Press and rotate at the same time to make the laddu for Diwali recipes ( This laddu is for Diwali 2016 )




Diwali marundhu or lehiyam

After eating a lot of sweets and savories during Deepavali  - that are prepared at home, that we get from our neighbours, friends and relatives there is a tradition of taking something called Deepavali marundhu for aiding digestion.
The simplest combination which I prepare is to one measure dry ginger add 3/4 measure jaggery .  Add ghee and mix well .  Due to the presence of jaggery and ghee we can form spheres that can be taken after the festival.

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