Border kolam designs New Year rangoli

 Rangoli borders can be drawn at doorways too ( called vaasal padi kolam ).

The doorway is also decorated with a rangoli design in addition to the rangoli drawn at the entrance.

 Since only a width of 100 millimetre or so is available, very simple yet cute beautiful designs can be drawn in the available space.

Doorways or doorsteps are given a lot of importance in our culture.  There is a custom of performing Pooja 

to the door way and adorning with rangoli designs .  We also offer haldi kumkum and flowers particularly on Fridays.

So we need lots of designs .  Since these rangolis have less height we can use them as borders for bigger rangoli.

Beautiful rangoli designs with or without chukki are drawn for New Year and Pongal.  Usually they are decorated

with borders at the bottom and sides.  We may use these ideas on those occasions too.

Border- kolam-designs-New-Year-rangoli-2210a.jpg


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