Chinna geethala muggulu ela veyali

There is a tradition to draw a kaavi border around the muggulu designs on Fridays

Talking of auspicious kolam for auspicious occasions, there is a tradition of drawing a muggu with lines  (lines rangoli design )   for auspicious occasions like weddings, house warming.  I have drawn a simple lines muggu

probably one of the smallest rangoli with lines.

Though the final picture looks simple, we can go off track while drawing this kolam that is an excellent exercise us and can be challenging also. 

 These steps are an attempt to simplify drawing this kolam




Drawing parallel lines close to each other is the requirement.  ( Of course with rangoli  (powder )  and without any aids we can do it as is humanly possible ).

 Such thin lines are drawn in ezhai kolam - a unique design that has a rangoli or muggu design with patterns formed using many lines.

  Ezhai means a single strand of the many strands in a thread or string.  So the lines should be as thin as possible.  This kolam below may be considered as a basic and simple ezhai kolam.                        

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