Koyambedu Sivan temple Perumal temple

Sri Vaikunta vasa Perumal temple with Kanakavalli Thayar  , Koyambedu 
This board states that there is a neem tree between two vilva ( bilva ) trees in this temple.  Vilva leaves are sacred to Lord Shiva and Goddess Lakshmi a rare combination. 

Actually the trunks are so close that we cannot easily distinguish.  Only when we look above we can see the branches of the trees. 

It is believed that this represents Lord Narayana at the wedding of Lord Shiva and Goddess  Parvathi.  The board also gives information on how to perform Puja to the trees to obtain the blessings like marriage, Soubhagya.  

Goddess Lakshmi here is Kanakavalli Thayar.  There are idols of Goddess Sita (  🙏🙏 ) and idols of Lava and Kusa.
We went there in the evening and felt blessed because the priest offered us a pamphlet giving the importance  of various Ekadasi vrats !  

He also informed the devotees that the temple is more than 1000 years old.  Lord Vaikunta Vasa Perumal sannidhi is divine.


Lord Kurungaleeswarar  with Aram valartha Annai Dharmasamvardhini , Koyambedu Sivan koil


A view of the temple Gopuram.  It is believed that Lava and Kusa with their Mother Goddess Sita lived in the hermitage of Sage Valmiki here .  They detained the horse of the Aswamedha Yaga performed by Lord Rama and hence had to fight  His army.  Since they incurred pitru dosha by doing so they atoned their sins by worshiping Lord Shiva here.  He is Kurngaleeswarar , the name refers to shortness in height .  Since the  children had to perform Puja this Shiva Linga is short.  Goddess Dharmasamvardhini sannidhi is also very divine and the whole atmosphere is suitable  for meditation.  

There is also a temple for Lord Hanuman nearby , called the  Koyambedu Hanuman temple.  It is said that He listened to Ramayana at this place when Sage Valmiki recited it to Lava and Kusa.

Where are these temples in Koyambedu

When we travel from Anna Nagar to Koyambedu the Metro station is on the right.  The temple  is a few hundred meters ( approximately 750 metres ) inside.  After reaching the Metro Station we  can enquire the locals or auto drivers and they guide us.

Google map shows it is just 850 metre by walk from Metro Station to the temples


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