How to make glass bangle garland

Bangle garland for God | Bangle garland for Amman | Easy method

Bangle garlands are offered to Mariamman for Aadi Pooram festival .  This is a very popular festival in Tamil Nadu.  Aadi is Ashada month and Pooram is Purva Phalguni start. 

 So in this month and on the day this star occurs this festival is celebrated.  Many offer glass bangle garlands .  Some offer just bangles in as many pairs as they can.

The bangles are then distributed to the devotees.

Aadi Pooram 2018 date is 13th of August. 

What I have shown in the images below is one of the simplest methods of making a "kannadi valayal " malai .  What we need are bangles and a fancy lace.


Tie the lace to one of the bangles


Keep the bangle as shown and place the next bangle below the first one.

Take the lace through the portion where the bangles intersect

and draw it through the bottom as shown.  This way the first bangle is held firml



The next bangle is placed below the second, the lace taken in the ellipse formed at the intersection of the 2nd and third bangles
 and drawn through the bottom of the third bangle


The image shows three bangles in place


Next photo shows the fourth bangle in position

After completing the garland ,  we can make it as long as we want to suit the height of the deity.  However tradition has it that the number is usually 18,27, 54 ,108.

After completion tie a knot at the other end to hold all the bangles together.
If we are looking for a different decoration for Varalakshmi Pooja we can do with small bangles

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