Free hand peacock drawing in rangoli

Small and easy peacock rangoli for Diwali
We are fascinated by Mother Nature .  Naturally we try to imitate her .  The result is trying peacock  designs in rangoli art.

We try to represent peacock as humanly as possible in this simple art form.  Here are some of the attempts made by me 

This cute rangoli can be drawn very quick , in a jiffy.

Cute and small single peacock rangoli

Mayil kolam in padi kolam !

A traditional line rangoli can be converted into a mayil kolam ( mayil is pecock in Tamil )

Majestic peacocks around traditional rangoli

Peacocks design without dots through photos for Diwali, New Year

Though it is simple I have added pics to show the steps so that you can try for Deepavali or New Year decoration.  We can also draw such designs for Navarathri golu

Draw the clover leaf like patterns first 
This is the peacock rangoli without colours
Peacock is our national bird and birds are associated with freedom.  So we can try this with suitable colours for peacock rangoli for Independence Day

Big and beautiful peacock rangoli without dots 

Without chukki navilu rangoli step by step 
Stat with the paisley pattern
Draw the head and body free hand 

More the decorations , more beautiful even the white rangoli is
Good quality white rangoli is required for making small and intricate patterns
Draw the tail.  I have shared many photos so that you can decide where to stop or how to modify
Nemili muggulu without chukkalu are drawn as Sankranti peacok rangoli 
We can draw this navilu rangoli for Dasara too
Easy rangoli tricks to decorate this beautiful mor rangoli 
Try this idea for one of your mor rangoli designs for Diwali
Peacock is one of the most popular themes for rangoli designs drawn for Diwali or competitions.  This is a traditional free hand design drawn without the basic outline being drawn with a chalk piece as is usually drawn.  
First the central part is drawn using a paisley design.  Then we have the head portion and the tail portion.  Decorate the outline with dots and designs.  Now that I have been using tools available at home ! for creating designs ,  I wanted to try filling up the colours with a lemon squeezer to get the plumage of the bird.  It was quite interesting and the result also very beautiful , I think.  This method would be a simple n quick method to create a peacock rongoli after drawing the bird, free hand.

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