How to draw round rangoli easy n quick

     Round rangoli designs for Diwali with colours | दिवाली रंगोली डिजाइन 
This post gives an idea on how to make an easy rangoli for Diwali.  Tools available in our homes can be used to create symmetrical patterns.  These pictures show a demo using a lemon squeezer!

These techniques can be followed by beginners i.e those who love this art and want to try the first time.  However please go through the posts of this website for hundreds of traditional rangoli designs which are also very beautiful.


How to make easy rangoli steps 


How to put easy rangoli for Diwali decoration - the next step 


The quality of colours matters.  Choose colours such that they are not floury ( fine powder like texture.) If they are floury they will not flow easily from the fingers.


These pictures show how to draw rangoli easily and quickly


After a few jumping a few steps of how to make a rangoli easily for Diwali ,  this is the next step.  I hope the images are self explanatory and all steps are not required


Easy circular rangoli is ready for Diwali.  

The lemon squeezer that we use in the kitchen can be used as a rangoli making tool.  Using it like a compass fill the colours in the holes to get a dot pattern that is in the form of a circle.  We can use one colour or different colors.  I have used blue and yellow.  Now connect the dot at the centre to these floral patterns formed by the lemon squeezer with curved lines.  This can be decorated with cotton buds also.  Finally add dots along the circumference to enhance the beauty and to increase the diameter of the rangoli.  Light diyas to get a beautiful effect for Diwali or any competition.

Round rangoli designs with colours for Sankranthi


Another circular rangoli using an old CD

How to make a simple rangoli on the floor ( an even floor with tiles is suitable for this technique ). Rangoli tip - Choose the colours depending upon the background i.e the colour of the tiles .  Contrast is important for the rangoli to be visibile clearly. 

Two more photos showing how to make an easy rangoli for beginners


After placing the colourful bullets use cotton ear bud or unused tooth pick  to form the patterns. I have demonstrated two rangoli ideas.  Depending upon how much you want to decorate,  I think you can complete it within 15 to 20 minutes .


We can also create a small and easy circular or round rangoli using an old Cd.
Place the CD on the floor ,  draw a circle with rangoli colours.  Use the hole at the centre and fill a rangoli colour.  Remove the Cd.  Fill the inside with the same  colour,  I have used orange but it looks yellow in the photo.  Place green bullets and pink bullets along the circumference as shown in the images above.  Use cotton bud to create leaves and other patterns.  Make some designs inside using the bud .  Anything else is according to your imagination.

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